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Before I say what I want to say about yesterday, I’ve always tried to be balanced and honest when I have written my blogs. I appreciate that not everyone agrees but that’s fine, that’s the point of a blog – to facilitate discussion.

Yesterday caused emotion to rise in both sets of fans, and I have had to do something I’ve not done for a very long time – delete comments from Bazza’s report. Clearly there was upset about what happened yesterday, within supporters of both clubs, so I thought it would be a good idea if I nailed J&S’s colours to the mast.

Firstly the idiot, (not fan, supporter, or Bluenose), who ran onto the pitch – committed a criminal act before even getting near to Jack Grealish. It is a criminal offense to enter the football playing area without permission. The club have had warnings because people, all be it very often in celebration, have invaded the pitch. I just don’t get it. We have enough on our plate with FPP, a lack of available investment and an existing points deduction hanging over our heads. All true Bluenoses – PLEASE DO NOT go onto the pitch!

Right so let’s get onto the event. Of course being a football fan, there are rivals and of course certain players of other teams draw more attention than some – think Robbie Savage! Anyway, this absolutely should stay on the terraces. Verbal banter, within reason, is part and parcel of the game – and in a lot of ways, part of the entertainment. The creativity of chants by fans can be very funny and it is part of the reason I like watching football. However physical interaction should never happen – just as an aside, I always get nervous even if it’s a celebration atmosphere, when supporters get close to players.

In this case in a high profile derby game, with the backdrop of the issues I have mentioned, who in their right mind would do what this idiot did? In no walk of life is a physical attack acceptable, and just because someone may not like a footballer, how on earth is it OK here. That’s easy – it isn’t, EVER.

The attack was disgusting on it’s own, however the look of “pride” on this bloke’s face was unbelievable. My mom always said to me, there are always consequences to your actions good and bad. For what was probably a heat of the moment thing, this guy will now have a criminal record which will probably affect his employment status, bring embarrassment to his family – all for what?

The other accusation however I am not in agreement with. I listened to the game on TalkSport, and they said that all the fans were cheering the bloke on. I cannot believe that at all. While there will definitely be some who would have done, the vast majority of Blues fans are decent people who would agree with me that this idiot did not reflect us as Blues fans.

I am convinced that it was much more likely that the fans were clapping the bloke being removed. Actually I have spoken to many people who were there, including our own Bazza who writes our match reports, and they have all confirmed this position. Unfortunately I suspect that this will be used to unfairly tar us all with the same brush.

Fair play to the club for issuing a swift apology, I feel for them because it is virtually impossible to stop someone entering the field of play unless we return to the dark days of fences again.

I would imagine we will be punished for this, and I suppose people do need to understand that this kind of thing cannot happen. The only problem is, that this person who isn’t a real fan – affects the true fans of a club when punishment is issued. (Back to consequences of actions!)

So to finish. We at J&S absolutely renounce this attack as unacceptable and along with the club, want to offer our apologies to Jack Grealish, club and the fans of the Villa.


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  1. A lot may be true hawk but it was claimed by Dean Smith that 15k Blues fans cheered him on. This was a blatant lie… Or at least hyberbole. I’m with Kev. Criminal justice was done. He’s been sentenced to a prison term and fined. Blues can’t be blamed for the actions of every idiot as long as the necessary precautions are in place. And 95%+ of the fans at the ground would have instantly condemned the idiot’s actions. The other 5% would reconsider cheering beyond the spur of the moment. Can’t quite understand the knee jerk calls for points deduction. Great blog. Keep Right On.

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