Joys and Sorrows Update

I thought I would give an update why the site had been offline for 4 weeks.

I returned from holiday to messages that people couldn’t access J&S. I figured that the hosts were probably doing some maintenance. I tried to contact them but there was no response. I use a very useful website called webhostingtalk and when I logged on there, there was a thread titled my host’s name. Not a good thing! It turned out that way. It appears that our previous hosts had gone bust and switched the power off. I have several sites with them!

Because I had been away, I didn’t have any up to date back ups. However a very kind user of webhostingtalk, paid for the previous host’s servers to come back online for two weeks so we could get backups. This was really appreciated, although I know there were some people who had over 100 sites so not sure how they were going to get their backups done in the time.

A further complication occurred because some of my domain names were also linked through the hosts. They had outsourced that and the contractor wouldn’t talk to me. I had to rescue the domains through Nominet, which wasn’t a major issue, but did take time.

Anyway I found a new host. Hugoton Hosting. They patiently chatted through all the options, spending time understanding what I actually wanted. Just as an aside, some hosts I contacted refused to talk on the phone at all! Anyway I have joined them. There is a link to them on the front page. So if you need hosting and want an excellently run, approachable, and responsive hosting company who’s services are extremely reasonable price-wise – go with Hugoton Hosting. Please use the link on the front page because we will get a small financial reward. Also if you use the code “Joys” you will get 10% off your first month.

So we are back online and looking forward to Blues improving to winning ways, building on some of the very good football we have seen the last few weeks.


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