Burton Confirm Rowett Has Left for Blues

Sky Sports news have just confirmed that Gary Rowett has left Burton Albion to become Blues new boss. The former Blues player will join the club with us not having to pay any compensation to Burton because of the contract he had with them. Further ex-Blues players Kevin Poole and Kevin Summerfield will be joining him along with Mark Sale.

At least he gets a nice easy match to start his career on Saturday!

What are your thoughts?

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6 Comments on Burton Confirm Rowett Has Left for Blues

  1. Good luck Gary and your team. Every Bluenose will be right behind you, just don’t expect any help from the present board of directors.

  2. Do the best you can Gary, remember Liverpool had won nothing until after we trounced them 9-1 so onwards and upwards, just waiting for the European cups.

  3. just give it your best Gary, we don’t expect miracles. Give the players an arm around the shoulder/kick up the backside as appropriate and instil into them Keep Right On!

  4. as I have said before blues always shop at the co op ….silk purses etc …I wish gary rowett luck (boy is he gonna need it ) …the blame last week has to stop with the players ..they were the ones producing the “non performance ” (and they still got paid) ..the others paid with their jobs ..a small imbalance I think …if you are not prepared to give 120% on the park you shouldn’t be in the shirt …nobody gave anything near the required basic minimum ..100%…take any 11 off the terraces and the pride would shine through …no pride no passion no performance should equal NO PAY…my heart as always is with the blues and always will be …when you follow bcfc ..you have to endure ..our good times don’t come along that often ..so a new page is turned …oh to upset the dingles ..gary you would start a hero but would you end up like so many fallen…???

    I look on with hopefull trepidation…and will endure the next episode as only a true blue can do


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