View From the South – Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town

It had been a violent, wild night on the Surrey/Hampshire border and I had sustained minor damage to some fence panels which shouldn’t take too long to fix. A couple of my neighbours hadn’t fared so well with large trees felled across their property causing some roof slate damage and wrecked fences and outbuildings. One large tree blocked the main road out of our estate but there was an alternative route so it would wait. All this did not preclude a walk for Welsh Terriers and Dilys was reminding me of this fact early doors so off we ventured and had a chance to get a close up view of the fallen lumber in the area.

I had arranged to meet up with Will and his family in Guildford for the trip north at 11.00. Juley, his wife was taking their two little ones to Jam Jams, a large play and party place in Coventry near to Chris’s place at Baginton. Things were going alright until we came to a grinding halt on the M40. A tree had blocked the road at Oxford and the motorway was unceremoniously closed whilst safety checks were carried out. There we sat for nearly one and a half hours and we were beginning to think in terms of turn round and go home and Will and I were discussing the absolute limit of time we felt we could go to in order to salvage the day. Just as we were coming to our conclusion, the traffic started to move and cleared rapidly. We made it to The Oak at 14.20 and there was no time for niceties. Chris and little Jack were in his car engine running for the onward trip to St Andrews. Juley was left with our car to take the kids on to their destination.

We reached St Andrews just after kick off by which time we had missed Blues’ best spell of the game by all accounts. In summary this was an abjectly poor performance from Birmingham City. Lee Clark felt it was the poorest all season although I think that is arguable but it was dire it has to be said. Blues were outplayed, outmanoeuvred, out-thought, outpaced and ultimately well beaten by an average Huddersfield team that didn’t have to be anything else to take all three points from a disappointingly lacklustre Blues team who have not won in the league at home for eleven games. I am not going to get into the blame game like one individual who launched a disgraceful personal attack on Lee Clark over the airwaves after the game or bang on about the owners as we all know what the situation is there and how much we would all like to see a change but things have to play out as they will and no amount of gnashing of teeth and wobbling of jowl is going to make any difference so let’s leave it out. In the meantime, on the pitch, the current team is struggling to stay competitive at this level because the players are not good enough. There was a peaceful protest on 15 minutes with the crowd holding up placards (see photo…)


Huddersfield, a side that we had beaten comfortably on their patch, thoroughly deserved their victory, scoring two cracking goals in the process. The first after ten minutes came after a gem of a pass from Danny Ward, flicked over our back line to Oliver Norwood who controlled the ball well and fired a half volley across Randolph into the far corner of the net in one flowing movement from 15 yards; a beautiful goal which saw any fragile confidence that the Blues players may have had drain out of them. From then on Huddersfield played with plenty of belief; they closed down the jittery Blues players whenever they did threaten and quarantined the home side to play in front of them. Blues’ moments were sporadic but they did have them. The closest Blues came to scoring was a peach of a cross from Chris Burke that Tom Adeyemi headed back across to the far corner only to see it shave the post; that was very close it has to be admitted. Shots from Emyr Huws and Chris Burke were on target but easily gathered by Alex Smithies who was correctly booked for deliberately slowing play at restarts. Another good cross from Burke eluded Novak with the forward very well placed as one of Blues’ really good chances went begging. Will said, “The cross come in and the keeper misses it; it come to Novak and ………Novak misses it!” It just about summed things up too. Huddersfield continued to threaten and quite honestly looked more likely to add to their tally though it has to be said Randolph was not exactly flying back and forth across his goal saving shots.

It was time to grab some food having not had the chance so far and at half time we inquired of the new young chef in the Kop catering area nearest the Gil Merrick stand what he had this week; Chicken Masala Curry with rice and Nan bread with trimmings! He also had some thick pea and ham soup for those requiring a hot snack. The curry it was and it was to die for and on a freezing cold day very welcome indeed. Washed down with a pint, I was feeling a little better.

Olly Lee came on for the ineffective Reece Brown at the start of the second half. The youngster had failed to get into the game in the first period and Will remarked, “Correct man off, wrong man on!” It made very little difference as Blues continued to fail to string more than a couple of passes together, to make poor decisions with the ball, resort more often than not to passing it square across the field and then back to Randolph for the customary hoof down field which usually resulted in Huddersfield regaining the ball. Will Packwood was guilty of not taking the time he had to place a pass rather than play it long first time and I have a message for Olly Lee; stop playing 60 yard diagonal passes out to the flanks. It is a low percentage pass; players back in the day like Johnnie Haynes, Glen Hoddle and David Beckham could do this all the time but they could land it on a sixpence; sadly Olly, you can’t; so pick a shorter more likely play instead. Nikola Zigic returned to the fold for Tom Adeyemi and latterly Peter Lovenkrands for Novak joined Macheda in a three up attempt to salvage a game that was long since lost from the hour mark, when Clayton, the Terriers’ best player on the day, picked up the ball 25 yards out and unleashed a vicious, waspish drive that swerved and dipped past the helpless Randolph for 2-0. The shot went past Randolph’s right hand and moved through the air so that it made Randolph look like the gangly kid at school doing a star jump.

On a bitterly cold blustery day, Huddersfield continued to dominate the game and any threatened last hurrah failed to materialise. Things might have been different had Blues scored when at 1-0 Macheda, I think it was, produced a comical air shot four yards out when a cross from the right fell invitingly at his feet. Any connection would surely have restored parity. This incident summed up the afternoon. Frankly the game petered out into a dull non-event and Blues just couldn’t seem to find the drive, motivation and energy to get back into it. In the five minutes added on at the end most of it was spent in our half. I had to smile when the fourth official held up the board, the Tilton ironically booed! They undoubtedly couldn’t bear the thought of prolonging the agony and watching any more than necessary of what was total dross. It did allow for one more foray into enemy territory however and a hopeful cross from deep by Caddis to Zigic was headed back across by the big Serb to Olly Lee who controlled well and buried the ball into the roof of the net from six yards. Consolation it was not; too little too late it most certainly was.

The Good: The food at half time; the standard produced by that new young chef is outstanding. Please Birmingham City, encourage this lad and let’s have more of this sort of thing. It adds so much to the match day experience even when the team are rubbish!

The Bad: The fact that the traffic jam cleared when it did and thus allowed us to make it to this disaster!

The Ugly: The football we played. It was absolutely dire and we were rightly and soundly beaten by Huddersfield who were superior all over the pitch. They thoroughly deserved their win and 2-1 hardly flatters them.

Birmingham City: Darren Randolph 5, Paul Caddis 5, Aaron Martin 4, Will Packwood 5, Paul Robinson 4, Chris Burke 5, Tom Adeyemi 5 (Nikola Zigic 59, 5), Reece Brown 4 (Olly Lee HT, 5), Emyr Hughes 6, Lee Novak 4 (Peter Lovenkrands 75, 5), Federico Macheda 5.

Subs not used: Colin Doyle, Tyler Blackett, Brian Howard, Albert Rusnak.

Goals : Lee 90+5.

Bookings: Macheda.

Huddersfield Town: Alex Smithies 6, Joel Lynch 6 (Peter Clarke HT, 6), Anthony Gerrard 7, Tommy Smith 6, Paul Dixon 6, Adam Hammill 6, Oliver Norwood 7 (Keith Southern 87, N/A) Adam Clayton 8, Jonathan Hogg 6, Danny Ward 6, Nahki Wells 6 (Sean Scannell 89, N/A).

Subs not used: Ian Bennett, Callum Woods, Martin Paterson, Joe Lolley.

Goals: Norwood 10, Clayton 60.

Bookings: Smithies, Dixon, Norwood, Clayton.

Attendance 14,112 (895 away fans).

Referee: Darren Deadman 8: this was one of the best refereeing performances I’ve witnessed all season. He ran the game efficiently, played the advantage rule very well and instilled discipline when it was required. He stood no nonsense from players trying to win cheap free kicks and brooked no tolerance of delaying tactics early on from Smithies trying to slow the tempo of the game. The visiting keeper was quite rightly cautioned. He got most decisions spot on and if there was more officiating of this quality there would be less rubbish talked by football pundits on a Saturday evening. Well done Mr Deadman.


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6 Comments on View From the South – Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town

  1. If I were you I would get the train!
    Outstanding report on what basically was the worst performance I have seen in 55 years .
    (I travelled 2 hours to get to where you started from so I reckon that makes me slightly more Yampy than yow).

  2. That is because Alan that oi live considerably neerer than yow! 😀 In fairness I have been used to going on the train as Will hasn’t been able to make as many matches as he would like with having a young family. Mind you, I think the trains were disrupted between here and Reading yesterday which would have made that mode of travel tedious as well. The game certainly rates right up there or should I say down there for mediocrity but believe it or not I could name some that were worse; home defeats to Oxford United in 1968 (circa) to Norwich City c 2006 and of course THAT game against Barnsley not so long back! As a fellow long distance supporter, I salute you.

    KRO mate

  3. Bazza , you are quite right when you say most of the Blues players, are just not good enough. In his after match interview, Lee Clark blamed their shortcomings, on fear of playing at home. He needs to be telling the players, that they have nothing to fear at home, because the majority of bluesnoses, realise that they are not good enough. They are actually in a good position at the moment, because all the bile and hatred, is being aimed at the owners, not at them, regardless of how they play. When these owners move on, the players will then be back in the firing line if they don’t play well, so they should enjoy this respite. Let no one forget, all of the problems Blues are now suffering, are totally the fault of the inept directors and until they move on, our problems WILL continue. Delay No More.

  4. View from across the pond: As a rarity the game was actually on the box here in the metropolis of Buda, Texas, although not live but never mind. Yes it was totally dire and while one can expect perhaps some marginal improvement as the players get more used to each other, long term the hope has to be for some stability and the recognition of the business opportunity by someone willing to take the chance. I believe that Lee Clark is doing the best he can with the rather crappy hand that has been dealt to him. In any case it was actually nice for me to see a game as opposed to reading about it. I for one do not fear that we will go down to the abyss of League One but other teams have done it and come back to great heights, the most telling of course would be Man City, who just to switch gears, is my pick for the EPL Championship. Arsenal are having a bit of a wobble as I knew they would and I just don’t think that Chelsea will quite have enough but I digress. Anyway good, fair report as ever my brother and glad you liked the ruby at half time. Hope that it did not have too much repetition in the car on the way home……

  5. Hi little brother! I see that you didn’t take my advice and went ahead and watched the game you had recorded. I understand that Derek Fazackerley and Terry McDermott have parted company with the club. No doubt more will come out in the coming days but something needs to change since our home form is catastrophic. I have witnessed a fair few away matches this season in addition to this dismal home run and we look a completely different outfit away from St Andrews but you can’t keep relying on your away form to keep you afloat. Sooner or later and preferably sooner we HAVE TO WIN AT HOME! The curry was a mild one but tasty and piping hot temperature wise which was very welcome on such a chilly afternoon. 🙂

  6. Well I thought that I would watch the game in any case since it is such a rarity to see a game here. Since I had recorded it, I of course already knew the result. While I realize that I will not live long enough to see us ever be as good as the top 3-4 EPL sides, I do foresee that we will be better than we are right now but I equally realized that this will not happen over night. Interestingly enough, as I write this I am watching a recording of Man City getting the short end of the deal against Barca. It was a pretty dull game but nevertheless, I still think that Man City will win the EPL. Of course their travails into the ECL are done and dusted……

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