A Top Ten Finish?

Back to back wins have propelled Blues to their highest position of the season and at last we can start looking up as well as down the table.  Of course the annoying habit the bottom  six have of continuing to win means we are still only seven points from the drop but relegation fears have eased.  Forty nine points would have been enough to keep us up last season but it’s looking like mid-fifties may be required this year.  With only seven points covering eleventh to twenty-second everybody in the bottom half could still go down.  A win at home to Wolves on Easter Monday should seal safety though.

Other than the Watford and Hull games there has been a marked improvement in performances since Christmas and I see no reason that we can’t finish the season strongly.  The play-offs look unlikely but with Middlesbrough in free fall and the inconsistent form of the clubs around us finishing as high as eighth is not an unreasonable aim.  A strong finish often means a strong start to the following season and would restore a bit of the feel good factor.

But would finishing tenth be seen as a success?  I would argue that it would considering all the off field problems we have had this year and the number of long term injuries.  I don’t think any of the other teams could have coped with losing so many defenders and their leading scorer for a large part of the season.  Especially as we had so few options to replace them.  We managed to survive the predicted asset stripping in January and since then our record is comparable to anyone outside the top eight.  If we match the points total of our previous eight games in our next eight we will finish on sixty-one points and be a little adrift of the playoffs.  I’d have taken that if offered it in the autumn.

Where does everyone else think we will finish and would that be considered good enough for you?

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  1. Quote: “A strong finish often means a strong start to the following season”
    I know you will say there are mitigating circumstances but, that didn’t really ring true THIS season did it? 😉

  2. i think that the higher we end up wil only increase the value to which the Chinese will sell the club they got all the money out they put in already and are lookng for a lot of cream .my advice .end the season in the place just above relegation and give em the least …..we have been conned again another kumar from the east .i was a season ticket holder for over 15 years ..they have not had my money for the last 2 .i love my club .true blue zulu once in never out …SOTV…great website enjoy the reads

  3. To be honest, avoiding the drop on goals difference would do me! I really believe that a comibinaton of the drop plus the precarious status of the club at the moment would be a disastrous blow that would put off any decent buyers and condemn us to lower league football for the next decade at least. I still love the opportunity to realistically dream of an outside chance of the play offs! KRO.

  4. That we are even talking about top ten being a success shows how far we have dropped. The Club needs to be sold if we are to have any chance of a succesful future. Sick of people like Tom Ross saying credit to the board for not selling players as if they have been a strong board, they put us in this position… Top Ten, Blues were a premier league club and instead of progressing like West Brom have now we consider top ten in the championship to be a succesful season?!

  5. I think blaming the board wholesale is a bit harsh.

    The pending court case is one of the main reasons for the situation being what it is now. If that hadn’t happened I don’t believe we would be in the position we are now. Actually we could be in an even worse position. Just look down to the south coast and the plight of Portsmouth.

    Things could always be worse.

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