Birmingham City vs Blackpool – Second Leg Preview

So let’s not beat about the bush, we are very lucky to still be in this tie.  Blackpool should be going into the second leg with more than a slender advantage. The Mcleish like tactics of playing for the draw on Friday night didn’t work as Blues put in their worst performance for a good while.  They managed to achieve the difficult feat of packing the midfield, sitting deep but still leaving large spaces for Blackpool’s players to run through.  I didn’t think Blackpool were that impressive but they were helped out a lot by our players passing to them and Marlon King forgetting what the offside rule is.  I really should be writing this article using phrases such as “mountain to climb” and “great escape” but as it is Blackpool didn’t take their chances.  So let’s punish them for it.

Wednesday night needs to be very different and I believe it will be.  For a start we’ve always been a different team at home and with a full house of Blues fans we can make it very difficult for them.  There are a lot of parallels with the second leg of the Carling Cup semi although I’d rather not go two goals behind again.  We know we have to win so the tactics will be clear and I expect recalls for Andros Townsend and perhaps Nikola Zigic.  Nathan Redmond didn’t do too badly in what was a difficult job however I expect him to start from the bench.  We badly need Keith Fahey back in midfield but at the time of writing it is still unclear as to whether he will be fit enough to make it.  Colin Doyle should continue in goal, I can’t think who I’d rather have between the sticks if it does go to penalties.

The way that Blackpool failed to finish us off on Friday gives me confidence for the second leg.  While we’d all hope for the West Ham approach of being 2-0 up at half time I rather suspect that if we are to prevail it’ll happen something like this.

– Blues go 1-0 up in the first half but can’t put away a second.

– Blackpool equalise around 75 minutes, probably through Kevin Phillips.

– Blues throw everything at them and finally go 2-1 up in injury time.

– Extra time is a non event as Blues are exhausted and Blackpool are under the misconception that away goals count.

– Colin Doyle saves the first Blackpool penalty.

– Marlon King takes the last Blues penalty but balloons it over the bar.

– At 9-9 Blackpool’s keeper misses and Blues are through to the final.

– Everyone gets home very late and sleeps for about two days.

Of course I’m usually wrong but it wouldn’t be Blues to do anything easily.  If you’re going try to enjoy the game and if you’re watching / listening at home think positive thoughts.

C’mon you Blue Boys!



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8 Comments on Birmingham City vs Blackpool – Second Leg Preview

  1. Blues certainly wont do it the easy way, i believe however the first goal will be crucial. If its Blues i think we will finish it off, if Blackpool strike first, it will be all over for us.

  2. Remember that Carling Cup Semi, throw everything at them, and if that doesn’t work, find something else to chuck! Our participation will be critical. We have to keep urging the lads on whatever the score. If we net two, we need to net two more. We must never take our feet off the gas. We must never surrender!

  3. Agree with wingman blue the crowd have really got to get behind the players and will the ball in to the back of the blackpool net. Lets hope keith fahey is fit as he tends to make things happen with his precision passes. I hope chris burke is at his best and can contribute with a goal and a couple of assists. k.r.o.

  4. What happend las friday lmao bpool had u lot well finish u small heath lot tunite Wonga army how is the fizzy pop league down there ? Haha hopefully u lot wil become the next mansfield ps u can hav ur messiah mcleish bak lol were stayin up .UNLIKE U LOT LAS YR LMFAO COME ON BLACKPOOL

  5. What a wonderfully perceptive analysis from “wongaarmyAV”! Clearly we would have done so much better with McLeish and the vile would have been so much worse off without him. Wonder who his replacement’s going to be? Announcement in July??!

  6. Kid we are scum aston villa fc always has been always wannabees and I’m going to enjoy lower league

  7. Wongaarmy – I will keep editing or deleting your comments if you carry on. Nothing to do with your football opinion, but your outright attack on the English language.

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