Burnley vs Birmingham City – Brief post match thoughts

Two away games, two 3-1 victories and we’re clear in 4th.  I only got to listen to the second half as I was playing football myself but I understand that Blues were on top before the break.  In the second half Burnley changed formation and came back into the game.  They’re equaliser when in came was no less than they deserved and it seemed that they would be the most likely team to score a winner.

However that was reckoning without the spirit in this Blues team and they went straight up the other end and scored.  Jordon Mutch with his first goal for the club which was very well taken.  Burnley had other chances and were guilty of poor finishing before Super David Murphy made it safe.  The table looks very good tonight and now we need to consolidate our position with victories in the home games against Crystal Palace and Bristol City.

Well done Blues.

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  1. Another good win, but it was another game not for the faint hearted, since the loss to Notts Forest, the Blues back 4 appear to suffer panic attacks during games and go from an impregnable fortress to looking as if they are only playing with one at the back and make the opposition look as if they have 6 or 7 forwards. It was a good win, but Burnley deserved their equaliser and should have scored at least 2 more, the spell when they hit the bar twice within a minute had to be watched from behind the sofa, it was a defensive horror story, fortunately with a happy ending. They must be missing Carr because all those last minute tackles and defensive headers and darts down the wing to take the pressure off are definately missing. Calderwood is pretty solid, a bit slow and can easily be caught wrong footed but he does not give the leadership, discipline and never die approach that Carr seems to instill in the team. There are times when Blues defence look as if they will never be breached but lately there are times, and they are increasing, when Blues defence seem very vulnerable, unsure what they are doing, who to mark and rooted to the spot, and we are not used to seeing this. I think Chris H has been good for us and looks as if he is going to take us back to the premiership, but I think he has one annoying habit, not substituting players that are obviously having an off day or leaving substitutions until within the last 10 mins. I am all for giving someone a chance to try and get his act together but tonight we had another player who it was obvious was just not going to click and was getting frustrated with himself and others and that was Burke. He is a player that anyone can tell after the first 15 or 20 mins if he is going to be the occassional world beater he can be or the player who might as well be on another planet he is so out of touch with the rest of the team and nothing goes right and sadly he was that player tonight, but the played the full 90mins and there was a lot of talent on the Blues bench that you could tell were itching to get on because of the number of warm ups they kept doing. What has happened to Folan ?

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