Birmingham City v Clube Desportivo Nacional Brief Post Match Thoughts

When we were walking down the stairs of Wembley in February having just watched Blues win the Carling Cup, the song was “We’re all going on a European tour, a European tour, a European tour…” Last week we started with a 0-0 in the first leg, a game we should have won. The old Blues would have started tentatively and maybe gone 1 up and had a nervous time with us possibly conceding a late goal. WELL NOT TONIGHT!!!!

We were FANTASTIC this evening. We played the ball around looking to come forward whenever we can. When we passed the ball, we were usually going forward not like last season where we went across and back, across and back.

Houghton played us in a 442 and we murdered them. We looked like scoring every time we came forward. The star of the show was Nathan Redmond. He scored a terrific goal to put us 1-0 up and was involved in virtually every attack. We swept forward with moves involved Redmond, Burke, Wood. With a little more composure, we could have been 4 up at half time but had to settle for 2-0 with Murphy scoring the 2nd goal.

I liked the look of Burke, but it was Redmond who was the star of the show. Those of my age may remember a certain 16 year old who broke onto the scene to become central to our attacking options. Well this guy IS good enough and I hope that CH plays him in the league.

Although they weren’t tested much, the defence looked solid. Several terrific challenges from Curtis Davies who is beginning to look the business. One was a cheeky back heel which cleared the ball as he ran across it. The ball looked like it was going for a corner but it trickled out for a throw. Cue the cheers!

Chris Wood grabbed our 3rd late on after just missing another chance. We had several clear chances in the 2nd to score, and it’s not an exaggeration to say we could have got 8. If I have any criticism, we need to be a bit more ruthless in front of goal. However, now isn’t the time for that – this is the time for celebrations. We now go into the league and have the opportunity to re-ignite our European pedigree from the 60’s.

Russ took his Grandad who was at St Andrews when we were in the Fairs Cup, well Russ you better take him to every game now!

“We’re all going on a European tour, a European tour, a European tour!”


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  1. Few mistakes here mate. Murphy scored the 2nd not Carr (although it was possibly an o.g as the last touch came off one of their players).
    The backhealed clearance didn’t actually hit the corner flag, it just rolled a few inches wide of it (I was sat right next to it).
    Good article other than that tho!

    Murphy & Caldwell also made 2 fantastic tackles in the 2nd half, but as you say, Davies really is starting to look class.

    Redmond tho…… WOW!!!!!

  2. Do you know, I thought it was Murphy but someone on Twitter said Carr. It looked like it hit the flag but happy to be corrected. I’ll edit the article.

    Yeah Davies is beginning to look the part.

  3. Yep, a fantastic night, I went with my brother (the Arsenal fan from my Sibling Rivalry and the Carling Cup article) to show him what they could have won 😀 Redmond was immense it’s hard to believe he is still so young and the positivity of the tactics was a breath of fresh air (and I’m one of those who wasn’t overly critical of McLeish’s style of play). It was actually an exciting game to watch with us always trying to create more chances, go forward and score none of this courageous rear defence nonsense we were there to win. Even the kids that came on at the end Asante and Jervis (?) were truly up for it and looked to get forward.

    The atmosphere at times was fantastic the Tilton singing Chris Hughtons’s Blue and White Army loudly for a sustained period was wonderful, I haven’t seen such enthusiasm from our fans since Wembley and before that it would have been when we first got promoted after 16 years out of the top division.

  4. Blues were good, it was good to see decent attacking football where instead of sitting on a lead, the team looked for more goals.

    I’ve never liked saying ‘we’ when actually you mean ‘they’. I think fans get too involved and this is one of ways that happens. It helps to create an ‘us and them’ mentality that plays a part in taking the sport far too seriously. It’s not ‘us and them’ it’s ‘them and them’. We didn’t play well. We didn’t actually do anything except show up and shout. They played well.

  5. That’s an interesting comment Mike. It feels like a we to me. I’ve followed the club since the mid 70’s and it is my club so therefore I’m involved. The truth is if the fans didn’t turn up, there would be no club.

    I can see your point of view though.

  6. Mike, saying it’s not we creates an us and them mentality! Saying we does precisely the opposite. It’s us and us. The opposition is them and them 🙂 I was proud to sit there with my grandad and he loved every minute! He said Redmond was better than Trevor Francis! Time will tell for sure but what praise! BBN, I hope your brother spreads the word. A lot of Arsenal fans dismissed our win, saying we wouldn’t progress in Europe at all! Myhill fluffed his lines in the first ten minutes and there was one misunderstanding with Carr. Wood wasted a few chances too, so our performance was far from perfect. That being said, the tie was always ours to win, the team did us proud. WE won in Europe last night. The lads did US proud. Keep Right On! I think three goals may well just be the incentive for my Grandad to come along more often Kev 🙂 Not many would have bet on a victory with more than a one goal margin last night!

  7. Mike as long as I pay to watch the team play, then I shall say “we”. The players come and go, “we” are Birmingham City!!!

    Kev you’re making me doubt myself now!! Haha I’m sure it didn’t touch it… But it was close!

    I agree we shouldn’t get over the top about last night, don’t get me wrong it’s one of the most positive games I’ve seen down st Andrews in the last 10 years, but there were faults. We left too much space at times in the centre of the pitch (may be down to us not having a natural CM on the field), we wasted too many clear cut chances, there were a couple of last gasp tackles (mutiny, Davies & Caldwell all made one each)…. But it’s a fantastic base to build on & with the likes of king & Gomis to come back we should be in for an exciting season!

  8. Good stuff Kev, but even better from the Blues!

    Anyone notice that for the third goal we have 5 players up-field and it was 5 Blues players against 2 of their defenders.

    How many years is it since any of us have seen that? . . . . certainly not during the Bruce and McLeish years that’s for sure!

    As someone has alluded to though, we do need a clinical finisher.

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