Run for the Hills!

After sitting down with Mrs kevb8ll to watch a film, actually the film was “The Freedom Writers” has anyone seen it? It’s a superb film about a new teacher who goes into a school in a class of “no hopers” and achieves something amazing. It’s a true story, and worth watching.

Anyway, after watching the film – I logged onto twitter as I do, and my time line was going ballistic with tweets saying we were about to go into administration. I tweeted my friend Almajir to get some clarity, he is often the voice of reason in these situations. It appears the Mirror’s back page for today had a big splash about us saying we were about to go into administration. From that Blues fans were running for the hills and villa fans were taking the you know what. I had to log off.

Almajir blogged this article last night which pretty much sums up what I think. One of the comments also said what I wanted to say, but I am going to re-enforce that point here anyway.

First things first. The story was in the Mirror. I wouldn’t believe what they said even if they told me the capital of France was Paris. They are a rag only trying to make money out of people who believe the tripe they report “as truth.” However in the interest of writing this article, I broke a habit of a lifetime and read their article. (Don’t worry I didn’t pay for it and I promise to have a ceremonial wash later).

There is NOTHING new in their so called exclusive about our “financial meltdown”. They say we are struggling to pay bills and will have to sell players, well HELLO, we got relegated what do you expect? However we do appear to be paying our bills including paying the wages, so we not near administration yet. Cast your mind back to Portsmouth. They stopped paying wages before administration occurred. Of course we are going to sell players, however there has been no fire sale yet. The only player to be sold that was a surprise was Gardner. Even Johnson wasn’t that much a surprise as there were noises that he maybe looking for a new challenge before we were relegated.

The other point relates to CY having his assets frozen. This is obviously causing the club some issues. If not directly CY’s money coming in, but possibly preventing other investors. I will be pleased to get that sorted one way or another quickly, but remember he does only own just over 25% of the club through BIH. It’s not as if he is the sole owner. When this is sorted, I genuinely believe we will get invested in. Whatever other people say, we are a club that can become an established Premier League side and therefore will attract investors. However, the problems that CY finds himself in at the moment will probably have to be dealt with first.

The one thing that I agree with in the article, (but it was PP who said it and not the Mirror), is that the club have probably been a bit too private about things. I do have sympathy with them about getting the balance of not saying anything and therefore causing suspicion etc, to letting it “all hang out” which is business suicide. But I do think that the board haven’t been open enough really.

So to sum up, in my opinion – we are NOT going to administration, yes we do have to cut back, but that was always the case after we got relegated, but more importantly it is vital that we the fans get behind the club. Remember how ridiculous the other lot looked threatening to burn their shirts etc on the appointment of their new manager. Do we want to be thought of the same? No of course not, so stop creating silly facebook pages and panicking on twitter and forums. Let’s wait until we actually hear what PP says first.

Hopefully the board, (linking back to the film I watched last night),  will take what looks from the outside an impossible situation and turn it into something amazing.

Keep the faith Bluenoses.


You are of course welcome to comment, however I will delete any comment that has personal insults associated to them relating to anyone. Criticism is fine, insults are not. I’m not saying this to be arsey, but previously this subject has resulted in some pretty nasty things being said about individuals. Thank you.

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17 Comments on Run for the Hills!

  1. kev, the voice of reason. :bow It’s such a pity that the media like to focus on the negative! There’s always a silver lining in a black cloud. I was at a funeral on Monday, so felt pretty low, but then managed to pop in on a good mate for the first time ever, which only really became possible, due to the funeral. I have a feeling good news is due today… Keep Right On.

  2. Kev, I wish I could share your optimism but the loaning of Foster to the baggies is the final straw for me. I’m regretting renewing my season ticket and pouring £550+ into Yeung’s coffers. We’ll be lucky to avoid relegation this season if we continue to sell or loan out our best players. Like you I accepted selling Gardner and Johnson as necessities if it helped our finances but letting Foster go is one huge mistake.

    I’m just desperate for some good news but I can’t see anything but doom and gloom for the foreseeable.

  3. Bang on Kev! We are paying wages and although cutting back, what relegated team isn’t?
    I can’t see another successive relegation next season. The team are playing well and we look to be heading for some decent football at last.
    Remember, did The Mirror come out and say that Blues were talking to Steve Cotterill after McLeish left, when no such thing actually happened?
    Pinch of salt..,…..

  4. Kev, I admire your steadiness under fire, unfortunately your position is surrounded, and to stay put isn’t an option! It’s not the fans’ nerve that needs steadying, it’s the players. Last night was a re-run of the final third of the season, with a lack of motivation and an absence of belief. This is then transmitted for all the world to see, to the fans. This ‘crisis’ didn’t happen with Carson Yeung’s arrest, it has been brewing for some time. Until there’s some positive leadership at board level, the atmosphere of speculation and doom will grow. There are too many details emerging that do not look positive, Favourite Son’s accession to the board being just one. Personally, I think it’s time either you or Almajir were voted on to it. Maybe then the realism and confidence you are trying to impart will get where it’s needed most – the pitch.

  5. Ha ha – can’t say I disagree with you mate. Almajir and I will fight for the club from the outside.

    Stay positive guys, it usually isn’t as bad as you think.

  6. Now take a deep breath everyone. It is pretty clear to me that Jerome and Dann will go and Foster probably on loan. However, I expect that to mean that the new manager can then restock (although the goalkeeper position could be problematic). Before anyone panics, just look across the City and see what Mcleish is saying (yes, I know its hard). He hasn’t got any money either! And he has sold his best players! And they are in the Premiership!
    In defence of Pannu, he might not be a guy you would want to go on holiday with but I am sure that he has the best interests of the club at heart.

  7. Excellent piece, wish it could get a better airing, all the sensationalist journalism will not be helping anything, and the comment that its the same old on the pitch yesterday is a bit harsh when King, Zigic and Jerome are not playing and we have a prospect from Scotland and a youngster who has never played expected to lead the line is not helping either.

    As fans we do need to chill a bit, take it in our stride back the team and unite.

    Say what you want about Carson Yeung, he will not want this to have happened, he paid shed loads to the former owners to buy the club and personally will lose his shirt (or furry jacket) from administration – if anyone thinks he’s running off to live the life of reilly with our season ticket money they are deluded. He wants success for a club he paid £85m for.

  8. All of you talk sense but the real truth is that we will not know anything about the true future of the club until after CY’s court hearing on 11th August. I personally cannot believe that a club that has spent 7 out of the last 9 seasons in the premier league, reached 3 FA Cup quarter finals and lifted the Carling Cup can be as cash strapped as some may fear. I also believe that someone, somewhere will be monitoring this situation very closely with a view to purchasing the club should it become available at the right price. After all, remember Man City when Sinawatra was in charge – up on corruption charges in Thailand, all the doom mongers predicting meltdown for the Mancs and then in comes Sheikh Mansoor!

    We must keep believing, we have been on the floor before, got up and dusted ourselves down and got on with it. We CAN do it again. If things are crap for us this season we can still laugh everytime the s*^*e draw or lose a game because that is what they’ll get under el ginger jocko! KEEP RIGHT ON – WE WILL BE BACK SOON.

  9. Run for the hills is right – first Oxford United beat us by 2, then Pannu tells us we are very broke. The latter is not really a surprise, but i really do want to see BCFC capable of beating teams that are only recent arrivals in League 2. I fear this is going to be a long season (or 2… or 3 …). Thankfully when one resides in NZ, i have not wasted $$$ on a season ticket. Kev, i am with you about keeping the faith, and will, as i have done for nearly 60 years, but Ch++st it is getting hard!! Despite all this depressing stuff, KRO, as always

    PS: Dave Smith – i hope U R right: a new owner is exactly what the Blues need right now, preferably with deep pockets, and without pornography being involved” – BCFC is a better brand than that.

  10. PPS: I see Eck the traitor has signed N’Zogbia: i hope N’Zogbia causes him lots of problems – Eck deserves nothing less

  11. Someone has asked why they can’t just tell us what those unpopular decisions are now is beyond me.?

    Well PP told us the answer to that one pretty much in his statement, its clear from the fact we’ve still not sold Dann/Jerome and the fact we’ve turned down a below par sponsorship deal that with the money raised so far we can keep going, wages are being paid etc

    however the money will have will only go so far and we need some more (i would have thought the parachute money would land soon but i dont know the exact date)

    PP and Yeung are clearly hoping to get the shares unfrozen shortly even if Yeungs assets stay frozen, and that would allow investment and share trading and money to come into BIH, this is why PP was saying next week for difficult decisions as he and Yeung are clearly hoping that this does get sorted so he doesnt have to make those decisions

    as to the likelihood of the shares being traded again etc who knows as thats to do with the HK financial system

  12. Great comment DMC and I think this IS the key part of the situation. If we can re-open trading on our shares, we could well get investment sorted.

  13. Kiwiblue – your right about N’Zogbia – I wonder if he will ask for an extra £10k after he has passed his medical – ring any bells?

    Do you know, I still can’t help thinking why us? why the bloody hell can’t we have some good luck – especially after the Gypsies curse was lifted1 Mind you I suppose Pompey fans feel the same. Please let there be an Abromovich or Sheikh Mansoor for the Blues – we deserve some good luck. KRO.

  14. If these people did what was right it would be to sell their shareholding to someone else. Yueng has taken one of the best financially run clubs in the country 12 months ago to complete ruin. That must be some sort of record in terms of incompetence. The fans are the core of any club and Sorry, but your rose coloured spectical ain’t working, should have gone to specsavers. The supporters have been treated unbelievably badly with a wall of silence since relegation or worse by a pack of lies. Panu stated that no player will leave without the manager’s approval. He also stated no fire sale. We now face a surreal situation of playing some of the best teams in Europe with barely enough senior players to make a team up and the prospect of playing 46 league games with a milecule squad. It looks a stone jug certainty that the club will face a massive battle against relegation. With the prospect of administration growing and the consequences of points deducted. League 1 looks the likely outcome. So do’t kid yourself!!!

  15. Another Point about all those thinking that if trading off the shares can restart we will be ok. The reality is that Yueng will want to continue the suspension because if trading restarted the share price would plummit and again the market driven reduced value of the club would not equal the debts. so the banks will foreclose resulting in administration and he will have lost all the money he invested. if we wait and he is found guilty, the authorities will put all assets into administration to get the best price. either way, we will be going into administration

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