Relegation Confirmed

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the game today so can’t comment on it, others will I’m sure.

Football is all about up and downs, and when you’ve followed the Blues since the 1970’s like I have, you will know all about ups and downs.

The thing is, my support for the Blues has nothing to do with the Premier League, no – it’s because the Blues are MY club. For good or bad, highs and lows, joys and sorrows – MY CLUB! We’ll be back in the top flight, but the club will STILL be supported by me in the Championship next season.

This season has been disappointing on the whole, except for one bright moment at the end of February where I, my son and thousands of other Blues fans watched us win our first major trophy in my lifetime. (I was a few weeks old the last time!) That will never be taken away, our name will always be on that trophy and that day will remain an awesome memory for me and I’m sure you.

So league football next season, but with the right backing – I’m sure we can come straight back up.



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  1. I’m with you there matey. I have said before (plenty of times) and I will say again (propbably even more times) Europa League, Premier League, Unibond League – it make no difference to me in the slightest for I am a Bluenose and proud of it, always have been, always will be, no matter what.
    The league doesn’t lie, we finished in the bottom 3 because we didn’t score enough goals so we didn’t accumulate enough points – basic math really.
    But never mind… Blues go down, Blues go down, Blues go down together… you know the rest (“,) KRO

  2. I just hope the Board (and Alex) take a deep breath before any knee jerk reactions.

    I think keeping the core of the team together is vital, though losing some players would have been inevitable whether relegated or not. The manager is vital (IMHO) to that stability. It is my opinion he should be given until January to have us as serious contenders for automatic promotion.

    Another season in the Championship won’t be such a problem if we get straight back. Just a pity we won’t have the squad for a real European fight, now.

    Keep Right On!

  3. If only Koscielny could be ruffling Barry Ferguson’s hair. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? Enjoy taking your trophy to Leeds, Brighton,Burnley. And I hope your finances are as bad as the papers say…


  5. Who the hell is Mike? Been waiting 2 months for that comment – you sad, sad, pathetic man (boy)

  6. Well said Kev. We shouldn’t be going down and I for one don’t want McLeish to stay but I’ll still be there next year going to Leeds, Brighton and Burnley.

  7. Just gotta say that I am LOVING your misery. The pictures on TV were fantastic.

    As Mike (#4) says, it is absolute Karma, served up by our nearest and dearest from down the road.

    So, congratulations, you have returned to where you belong.

    I hope Eduardo was watching….

  8. Removed comment due to racist comments. Most of the Villa fans I know are sensible people who can string a sentence together without insults. Clearly this individual wasn’t one of them

  9. Well unfortunately we are down, it has happened before and it will happen again. As bluenoses we are used to it. Apart from a period in the old first division and our recent premiership years most of my memories of blues are in the lower leagues. Today we at least tried and failed and thats all we can ask.

    What does the future hold I don’t know but as the song goes we will keep right on.

  10. To the Arsenal fans, we were expected to go down, so hey ho – we’ve been here before and I expect we will be again. However, we weren’t expected to win the Carling Cup. That day will forever be a special day.

    On the other hand, you WERE expected to win something, however…

    Do us all a favour and go back to your own websites and comment about it there. But don’t forget you won NOTHING this season!

  11. True… we won NOTHING this season….. but when was the last time we were relegated?

    Well, for you, that is today.

    The Premier League is a little harder to win than… THE CHAMPIONSHIP…..

    I guess when you are able to remain in the top flight, you have a better chance of winning the title. Perhaps you should Google to see who has the record for the longest time in the top flight.

    You had no expectations and got relegated…. says it all, really…..

    Hey ho…….

  12. Doesn’t feel as bad as last week to be honest – writing was already on the wall. Great to see the fans in their fancy dress – specially the nun who was prayin at 1-0 down. Made blues fans look like a bunch who know how to lose and still have fun – a useful quality in life since the karma works all ways you know.Anyway, I’m going to go and watch the carling cup final again cause u know wot we won a major trophy this year and when we get back up to the prem (which we will) we’ll still be carling cup winners 2011 and tomorro I’m going to think about who’s stayin and who’s goin and then I’m lookin forward to seeing the fixture list and the first home game and celebratin the first goal… Bring it on

  13. TFG, I’m not bothered mate. I will continually support the club even if we drop to non-league. I don’t really care what you think.

  14. You lot are in deep shit, deeper than u think, ur more likely to get relegated next season than get promoted back to premier league. U have no money, no assets, nothing…….. that as a Villa fan makes me oh so happy cos of the stuff ive had to endure from u muppet blues fans when we was having a bad season. But look where we finished, 9th, and we had an horrendous season. Dont kid yourselfs, u will NEVER EVER in ur lifetimes be a bigger team than the mighty Aston Villa. Your club is finished, i personally dont see a way back for u so all i have to say now is Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio loooooooooooooooooool

  15. gutted bluenose proud of our carling cup win,im sure we will be back ill always support the lads whatever league we are in always keep right on! championship champions next season i b there in the tilton as ever unlike alot of these idiot villa and arsenal fans who dont even know where their clubs ground is KR0!

  16. Andy Blue… I know where Ashburton Grove is, but don’t concern yourself with things that are no longer relevant to you, eh?

  17. Lol, seen a few crying bluenoses today.

    In the words of your greatest fan, Sir Mike Skinner.

    Dry your eyes mate.


  18. The Arsenal fans are entitled to have their dig , that ‘ hair ruffling ‘ by Fergie was out of order , I stood in the train queues at Wembley to go home, and a lot of the Blues fans were pretty ingracious in our victory , so what goes around etc … but most people seem to have missed the point about today. Today the chips were well and truly down. Today we had to ATTEMPT to pull something out of the hat. But no , we set up for a F***ing DRAW !!!!
    It is unforgiveable what A M did today , I have watched Blues since 1967 , and the thing about today that has upset me most is ,we never even looked like we were going to ‘ go for it ‘
    We were not unlucky , we were , however , nowhere near retaining our dubious Premiership status in a million years.
    You can shout and scream that you’re a Blues fan till you die etc , so am I .But it annoys me that we have no place whatsoever in football’s top flight , and at this moment , I can’t begin to imagine how or who can ever take us back .
    KRO and all that , but be honest to yourselves , we are absolutely rubbish ! Retaining Championship status is beyond our current team.

  19. ahahahahahahahahahaah…………bahahahahahahaahahhhahaah……………….muahahahahahahahaahhahaha…………… looooooooooooooooooooooo……………..l pmsl……………….SOTC

  20. TR7… fair play to you.

    I am sorry to say that, beyond the hair ruffling, it was the Eduardo injury and the fall out which followed that ignited this situation with Arsenal.

    You beat us fair and square at Wembley, but Ferguson was completely out of order, as you admit.

    Were your club more in keeping with your sensibilities, perhaps the reaction to today’s outcome would be more reminiscent of that afforded to Blackpool, whose honest endeavour and manager won many friends during this campaign.

  21. We went down because we played the most negative football in the Premiership so no tears, we got what we deserved. Hope McLeish does the honorable thing and goes to West Ham, let that lot get bored for a few seasons.
    As for the Arsenal fans, what’s it like losing a cup final to a team not good enough to stay up?
    You must be so bitter bothering to go on our blogs, I suggest you try to get a life.

  22. makes me laugh i for one want all west midland teams in the prem 2 compete with the london teams and the north west, i love all the derbys make having a season ticket all the worth having! i have alot of villa,wolves and wba mates and good luck 2 them next season,we will be promoted so we can enjoy the derbys again

  23. Roy…

    How bitter would you be if someone broke your leg in two places?

    I only came here to laugh at you… as you say, you got what you deserved…

  24. tfg you obviously are a very bitter arse fan,The eduardo incident was a accident by a player who was too slow,Taylor didnt mean the tackle,why dont you go and talk 2 your fellow gooners about your vintage season and your great defence,What a come down from the bould,Adams,Winterburn and Dixon days,Or maybe go and chat with the Spurs fans about fighting for 5th place next season,We arent interested in you,Thanks for the great day out at Wembley although we have been relegated no one can take that cup or win away from us lol lol

  25. TFG Not bitter at all, been through it so often it all bounces off, but you on the other hand why aren’t you on an Arsenal blog celebrating your brilliant performance in getting a place in the ECL play offs, or celebrating the 6th anniversary of winning something?

  26. are our finances as bad as papers are saying.gutted today but we have been rubbish since the cup final win.we didnt deserve to remain in the premierleague

  27. We get exactly what we deserved for our pathetic return in terms of goals this season. That’s Eck’s fault, nobody else’s.

    As for the Villa contingent…..keep it civil, we can take it.

    As for the Arses. Grow some.

  28. sack mcleish also.he obviously cant motivate the team,they went out with a wimper today while all other clubs were fighting for their lives

  29. you deserve that for lobbing a flair into the villa fans you dirty scum.

    you should of seen it at villa today. all game singing the shit r going down and the cheer was cheer from the fans when spurs scored was lowder then when the mighty villa scored.

    we will always be the pride of birmingham. ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. you deserve to go down just for lobbing a flair into the villa fans.

    you should of seen it at villa today. all game we were singing the shit r going down and the cheer from the fans when spurs scored was lowder then when the mighty villa scored.

    we will always be the pride of birmingham. ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Sorry, Roy, would have responded earlier, but was in fact writing a piece for one of our fanzines – which I have been doing long prior to your kind suggestion.

    If you have been through relegation so many times that you are past caring – “it bounces off” – what are YOU doing on here???

    On the bright side, at least, you will all be able to welcome Messrs. Gold and Sullivan again next season.

    Gerrit Forward… grow some????? Arsenal have been poor this season (again) and deservedly won nothing. That said, somehow, Birmingham City contrived to finish some distance behind us and were relegated “with a whimper”: in the view of your fans, not ours.

    Perhaps you would like to consider who is most in need of that advice…. or not……

  32. arsenal fans get off this bottled everything this year.everytime the pressure was on.barca humiliated you with 70 percent possession against a so called quality football side.humiliating

  33. Oh how easy it is for those not gifted with true spines to find a virtual backbone on the world wide web.

    I wonder if TFG, if faced with any of us in person, would be as quick to fire his vitriol in our direction? He might reply to this and say he would, but I highly doubt it – he’s an internet warrior of epic proportions, aren’t all Arsenal fans?

    The simple fact is this, and please do listen up Arsenal and Aston Villa guttersnipes, Birmingham City were relegated. We were simply not good enough over 38 Premiership games this season, yet we embarrassed both of you in the Carling Cup.

    I remember walking away from St. Andrew’s, and later Wembley, seeing fans of the two respective clubs in floods of tears as they contemplated what might have been had they had the rub of the green.

    Alas, what might have been eh?

    The old adage is true that he who laughs last laughs longest, and fans of the two under-achievers Arsenal and Aston Villa have the right to their chuckle tonight. Gone is the club that yet again assisted in destroying Arsenal’s season, and gone is the closest rival of Aston Villa (enjoy your half-derbies by the way).

    However, be warned that pride cometh before a fall – another season without an accolade beckons for Arsenal, another season of relative obscurity under another failing French manager lies in wait for Aston Villa, whilst the potential for a league title, a foray into Europe and a return to the Premiership beckons for Birmingham City.

    I know which sounds more exciting to me, and I know who’ll have the bigger smiles this time next year.

    And to the two clubs with failing Frenchmen as a running thee, jusqu’à ce que nous nous revoyions, branleurs!

  34. Also AVFC, just to clarify, the flare (it’s flare not flair) was initially thrown from the Villa fans at the Blues fans, prior to it being returned.

    This was the result of an official West Midlands Police investigation that resulted in the arrests and convictions recently reported. One of those convicted admitted smuggling the flare through the turnstiles, lighting and throwing it.

    I just thought you might like to be armed with that information before you continue to think you have the moral high-ground.

    Research is a wonderful tool, isn’t it?

  35. i like your optimism DLT.i dont share it though.all our good players are about to leave. we will get arsenalled* in europe. foster is off to villa i hear. dann and johnson will be gone soon.larrson leave on a free.i dont feel good right now. also our dwindling support hasnt helped.twenty thousand at some games.thats the level of support of a championship side so perhaps thats where we belong.
    *to be dominated in europe and completely outplayed ie against barca

  36. Bet you’re looking forward to games against Inter Administration and Rapid Decline next season…

  37. Mcleish must go whilst i understand we / he are not blessed with the best squad of players he showded no imagination in his team selection or set up not just yesterday but throughout the whole season.The football or lack of it as been torture to watch at times. A new manager is needed the team needs rebuilding if all rumours are true from the currnt squad there won’t be many left.

  38. DLT, since you are a great student of the game, you will no doubt be aware that Arsenal won 3 – 0 at St. Andrews this season. Had Birmingham City won that game as you suggested, they wouldn’t be playing the likes of Doncaster and Ipswich next season.

    Alas, what might have been eh?

    Why would I not say to your face what I am posting here? Are you saying that you will revert to type and try to break my legs? As I have already intimated, Arsenal are no longer your concern – focus on what matters to you now… Leicester and Coventry. Sadly, there is unlikely to be any need for us to be acquainted for the foreseeable – which some of your more realistic peers on here well understand. So call us wankers all you like, but don’t expect a reunion any time soon.

    As for being outplayed by Barcelona, with a modicum of research, I think that you will find that they are champions, soon to be European Champions and effectively World Champions. If you could give me an instance when you have played them and the possession statistics, I would be happy to hear it. Run along now, there is some more research for you… If you want a clue, try the 1960 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final.

    In the interim, perhaps you would like to borrow Bendtner again?

  39. Ah, TFG, I believe you’ve conveniently missed the preceding part which read ‘in the Carling Cup’.

    Selective reading is a cruel and unforgiving mistress, isn’t she?

    Why would you not repeat this vitriolic rant to our faces? No, not because we’d ‘revert to type’ but because you seem like the type of person who simply doesn’t have the necessary equipment (balls, spine, guts) to form such a strong opinion in person. An internet warrior, as previously mentioned, and the lowest of the low.

    I think you’ll also find that I was not the one who mentioned Barcelona, so therefore your attempt to ‘bite back’ at my research comment will no doubt fall flat on the eyes of Shark133.

    We’ll see you in the 12/13 season, that much is sure. Here’s hoping we take your scalp again, only this time in the league!

    Enjoy another season without a trophy, TFG!

  40. DLT…. Perhaps I was mistaken… three points for a win against Arsenal would not have saved you? Forgive me, having never been involved with a relegation scrap, I am somewhat unused to the vagaries involved. As for mistresses, I will have to take your word for it.

    Thank you for the cod psychology. It seems to me that your understanding of my psyche, based on a few posts here is slightly better than your understanding of your own team’s predicament. You are CERTAIN that you will be promoted next year – when all around you demonstrate that, on a factual basis, this is by no means certain. I would welcome Shark 133’s views on your ability to talk for him… “sack mcleish also.he obviously cant motivate the team, they went out with a wimper today while all other clubs were fighting for their lives”. (Comment 29.)

    You hopes and dreams are based upon retaining a position which we have enjoyed since 1919.

    As for the lowest of the low, I am sorry if you have been sufficiently rattled by your side’s meek surrender to undertake personal insults. To my way of thinking, deliberately breaking a fellow professional’s leg is far lower.

    You’re mocking Arsenal for not winning a trophy? Remind me, what were the Leyland Daf Cup and Autowindscreens Shield – they must be important, since they appear in your honours list.

    Having never won the top flight title (which West Brom, Wolves and Villa have), nor the F A Cup (which such luminaries as Oxford University, Old Etonians and Wimbledon have managed), I have to say that your barb about any shortfall in the fortunes of The Arsenal sounds just a little hollow. Our failings this season have, for the last FORTY SEVEN YEARS, been beyond your wildest dreams. Since your previous trophy, we have won a thing or two. I cannot say for certain that we will anything again, lacking as I do your psychic abilities, however, I know for a fact that if you won the title and F A Cup for nine consecutive years, you would still be behind us.

    The reality is that next season, the Premier League will still be the most watched and competitive league in Europe. The teams involved will remain world wide renowned, whilst those who have slipped out of it will be forgotten, until such time as they may return.

    By the time the fixture lists come out and the reality of your situation dawns on you, I will have forgotten Birmingham City, save for a horrendous assault which severely impacted upon a player’s career. I will look for the games against Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and the like. Whilst you contemplate Derby, Hull, Bristol City, Crystal Palace et al.

    So, enjoy your time in the Championship…and don’t count on it ending any time soon….

  41. Agents Ridgewell, Philips, Davies and Gardner your mission is complete pleaase return to base 🙂

  42. “To my way of thinking, deliberately breaking a fellow professional’s leg is far lower”

    Yes it would be if that had actually happened. BTW with us out of the way who are Arsenal going to blame for their failure to win anything next season?

  43. You know best, Aylesbury blue… no legs whatsoever were broken. You obviously live in the same paradoxical state as DLT…

    As you say, you are now out of the way. You are mistaken if you think that most Gooners would give everything to swap places with you. Apparently, 65% of the forum members here would prefer to have been relegated than not win the League Cup. Luton Town were the last small club to beat Arsenal in a League Cup Final. They have got what they wished for….

    Let us see what your team win… give you another 48 years to win your first title… what do you reckon?

  44. I have a number of friends who are Gooners and unlike ypu, they have moved on from 6 years ago. Despite what you think, there is only a minority of people who would sing songs about a player having his legs broken. You can get off your moral high horse as I’ve heard some of the songs your lot sing about Spurs.

    In regard to exptancy, your lot are expected to win a trophy each year whereas we don’t on our resources. I don’t care if you think it’s small minded or not, because it is easy to be realistic when you support a team like ours.

    The thing is, we can support our side through thin and thin. Your lot start moaning because your seats don’t have heated cushions.

    Anyway we’re done on this subject, I’m turning comments off.

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