My Wembley Experience 6

Here is the latest in the series of Wembley experiences. This will be the last one this week, however there are more so I will publish them next week.

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Here is Razor’s experience.

On the Saturday i went to oceanna with my mates…had 2 hours sleep and woke up, we picked our mates up and there were 5 of us driving down the motor way (me and my nephew were the only ones that got tickets but the other lads didn’t mind as they were going to chill in London)…

We walked up to the stadium where the blues supporters were walking to a sea of blue…there was no prejudice, no strangers…we were all blues brothers, me and my nephew were getting cans of Carlingput in our hands by fans aroundus…having a merry drink with our fellow pilgrims. We went to the ground all united, full of passion and heart and left in the same vein!

We put our tickets in the barcode reader in anticipation for that green light to come on and accept us into the ground for our day of destiny. We peered through the entrances only to see the ground…me and my nephew stood there briefly before going to our seats to take in the surroundings…we went to our seats…right behind the goal with 19 rows up…perfect seats!

The first goal came in and it took a few seconds to register! did we just score past Arsenal! the crowd wen ballistic! i was getting pulled from every angle as people were just jubilant in celebration they wanted to just share that moment with the 30,000+ blues fans that travelled.
It made me wonder…St Andrews used to be like this…30,000 cheering as loud as possible! Scaring the opponent into submission!

The Arsenal goal went in and wouldn’t you believe it…van persie…the mood changed somewhat then…i think because it was just before 1st half, it was a real kick in the wrong area. The referee then persisted to play Fergie time as arsenal gathered pace towards the last few mins of the 2nd half…thankfully we held on for a commendable 1-1. Our fans were tremendous in that half, i didn’t hear the arsenal support once…only for the goal.

All through the half time break my thoughts were that of ‘oh no we had our chance and missed it’…surely Arsenal were going to play much better than they did in the first half?…the 2nd half kicked off and there was an air of tension in the ground…But then Fahey hit the post, behind the goal you really appreciate how small margins count….half a centimeter the other side of the post and we’d have been celebrating 2-1…it got to us that much that me and my nephew kept saying to each other ‘if only, if only’ our of genuine disappointment.

Arsenal were pressing hard from that point on but then the winning goal came, we saw the ball bounce off the goalkeepers body, then the orange boots of martins came into focus…the ball left his foot and the net cracked,, waved…we had done it 2-1! I cant tell you how crazy it was..if i described the celebrations it wouldn’t even touch the surface! you really did have to be there!

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