My Wembley Experience 3

Here is another Blues fan’s experience from Sunday, his time Dave Hindley – all be it from a long way away!

If you want to do yours, I’ll be posting them all week, so get them sent in! Send it to me via the contact page.

I’ve supported Blues since my family moved to Brum in 1968 when I was a teenager. I was at St Andrews for just about every game in the 70’s but left the UK in 1980 and now live in Canada. I followed the team with some difficulty at times through the years and after watching the Carling Cup final in 2001 my son became a convert. There have been times over the last 10 years where I have felt sorry for him. All his mates are Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal fans, but I’ve always told him “when we win something it’ll be much better for us than it is for them”.

Dave, his son Matt and Greg in"Scallies!"

Apparently, Greg is the President of the Blues Supporters Club Toronto branch – although I get the impression it only has one member! (If you live in Toronto and want to get in touch – let me know via the contact page and I’ll put you in touch! Kev.)

We live in Toronto and on Sunday we went to the biggest footie pub in the city – Scallywags. The place was full of Arsenal fans and we found one other Blues fan there. The rest is history. The 3 of us jumped up and down for the
last 5 minutes while the rest of the pub sat in stunned silence. Just like Wembley, the pub was almost empty by the time we raised the trophy.

My son just kept saying”we won something” and he told me I was right about how he would feel when we did.

I must admit, my eyes were a little ‘moist’. Maybe it was the beer.

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4 Comments on My Wembley Experience 3

  1. Each time I read these articles I end up in tears again, I still think I’m dreaming!!! KRO SOTV We won the cup, we won the cup, E I Addio, we won the cup (“,)

  2. My eyes were a little moist too, having been patiently supporting Blues almost since my Mum left the West Midlands as a war bride after WW 2 to follow my kiwi sailor dad, on a ship from Liverpool to NZ, seeing the sea for the first time in her life at Liverpool docks. And NZ is even futher from St Andrews than Canada is. I share the expat euphoria, and am still on a Carling Cup-induced high, but for me it will ultimately count for little if we don’t soon pick up 3 pointers in games such as this weekend’s game vs WBA. Being in Europe is all v well, but not from the Championship: go Blues, and KRO!!!

  3. Nice one Dave, I’ve met you and Matt at BMO before. I was lucky enough to actually be at Wembley and there were two other Bluenoses on my flight back too.

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