My Wembley Experience 1

I have asked people to sum up their wembley day in a couple of paragraphs. It is an opportunity for you the fans – to tell others what you experienced.

Well here is the first one. This one is from Bumpyfunk, who is a regular reader of the blog and often comments on the posts.

If you want to do yours, I’ll be posting them all week, so get them sent in! Send it to me via the contact page.

I woke up in York at my girlfriends house at 8am, and immediately got up and ready, leaving at half past. I worked out my route, having to drive into Brum to pick a mate up, and I left.

On the way down, he sorted out a driveway to park on at his friends, and we got to Ruislip Station at 2.45.

As we got off the train at Wembley Park, there were Arsenal fans EVERYWHERE… so to keep safe, we zipped up our tops and with our heads down, marched toward the ground. We made our way up Wembley Way and up the ramp full of blue, dodging a light shower of full cans of lager being throw by the red ramp.

When we got to the turnstyles, we shook hands, wished each other luck, and went to find our seats in our different blue parts of the ground.

I got to my seat, 4 rows from the very back, but it didnt matter. I was there! Everyone around me started to sing, but I just stood up and eyed the ground for the very first time, absorbing the moment. After a while we kicked off and it was on! You all know the rest.

It was like being at St Andrews, with a group of blokes behind me all throwing in sarky comments at every kick. The first goal went in and we were up at Wembley against Arsenal. Something I never thought I would witness. They levelled later that half and then the second half was so tense, there was a lot less singing…but everyone was on the edge. Just as we were edging toward extra time it happened. Martins poked in a perfect poachers goal after much pressure on Arsenal from us.

Everyone near me all looked at each other for a split second. We all, for an instant, didnt know what to do. Immediate disbelief. Then CARNAGE!!!!!!

That’s what its about!!!!!

The next hour is a bit of a blur. I met back up with my mate at the base of the arch, amid hoards of a jubilant blue army singing a mish mash of songs drifting into each other. We made our way back to the car after grabbing some celebratory fried chicken, and for the whole journey back we spotted hundreds of cars on the M40 home with ecstatic fans in blue. For the entire trip back we were in heaven. I still am.

A day that will live with me forever. From when I woke up to when I went to bed. 100% special.

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