Blues v Albion Brief Post Match Thoughts

Well I suppose it was almost inevitable that we were going to lose that game, but it is very disappointing none the less.

Albion basically took their chances, and that was it. What is it about Hodgson and us? When he was at Fulham he saved them at the expence of us – I hope it doesn’t happen again.

It was nice to see Beausejour get his 1st Premier league goal, and we played some good football in the 2nd half – but the side did look jaded.

The defence were all over the place, but Davies particularly was very poor. I would have thought he would have been chomping at the bit to play – but he isn’t good enough by that showing. Let’s hope the 1st choice are available in midweek when we play Everton.

It’s gone now, time to re-focus, something Alex has done very well this season.

Blues 1 – 3 Albion

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2 Comments on Blues v Albion Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. Well i suppose it was predictable that the cup run would take its toll, and that within a week we would go from cup winners back to type as the masters of second season syndrome. While there are obvious reasons – 5 mostly enforced changes in the team when we have a rather lean squad didn’t help – we now have quite a tough run in, even if we do a have a game or 2 in hand over those below and around us. Still your comment about Eck’s ability to refocus is very true: let’s hope he and they can do so, and that the likes of Blackpool continue to go backwards. KRO.

  2. Well what a surprise lots of booing at the end.. well never be a big or big supported club 2 many idiots attached to club

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