Fulham v Birmingham City Brief Post Match Thoughts

Before the game I said I would take a point, as that would take us above the Villa in the league.

The match started brightly, both sides having the ball. However the Blues became more dominant and I would say that we were the better side. In fact out of the two side, looked more likely to score which of course could take us above the Villa in the league.

On the 20th minute, Hleb went on a superb run before crossing for Seb to score with a cross goal shot. This gave us the opportunity to get 3 points and move above the Villa in the league.

As the half went on, Fulham did come back into the game, but half time came with us 1-0 up and just about the better side. At this point we would definitely be above the Villa in the league.

The 2nd half started with Fulham coming onto us, in fact I tweeted that I thought we were standing off them too much. Inevitably they equalised. It came from a corner and we defended poorly, (unlike us at the moment), and Dempsey put it in. It wasn’t all bad news though, as we would still go above the Villa in the league.

As the 2nd half went on, both sides had chances to win the game, however we probably had the best chance to win it when Dann saw his header towards a virtually open goal hit the bar. This would have put us 2-1 up and definitely above the Villa.

Neither side could score again however, but we did suffer some bad news when Hleb was stretchered off. I tweeted bcfc.com and it looks like it might be his hamstring. This would be bad news, as I thought he has started to show his ability recently.

Anyway, another point, 3rd game in a row unbeaten, and did I mention – we’re also above the Villa in the league!

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10 Comments on Fulham v Birmingham City Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. Actually it’s called humour my friend.

    Please don’t call me names, you know nothing about me or my personality. If you care to look at the articles here, you will find no team bad mouthed or ridiculed. This is a site for Blues fans and the tongue in cheek comment was for their benefit.

    I have to say there are other fanzines who are absolutely ridiculous in what they say about other teams being so one-eyed, and I am proud of us not doing that.


  2. I’m feeling confident about Wednesday.

    Back to today I thought it was a fair result. A point away from home is always welcome although I thought for a while that we were on our way to our first away win for a very long time.

  3. not if we play like we did first half today, no heart. second half we showed plenty, clark is going to be a proper player

  4. I was saying to another Villa fan earlier on twitter, this period of injuries could actually work in your favour giving the youngsters opportunities. (Hopefully only after Wednesday though!)

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