Villa vs Blues – Brief post match thoughts

We were robbed.  No other way of putting it.  After an even first half we were all over them in the second and by far the better team.  We were very unlucky not to score although some of that was due to the excellent Brad Friedel in their goal.  Then of course we got hit on the break and while Johnson clearly got the ball the ref saw otherwise and handed Villa an undeserved victory.  In case any Villa fans think they were the better team here’s some stats.

Attempts on target – Villa 6 Blues 14

Number of people who thought it was a penalty – 1 (Martin O’Neil)

Not happy, not happy at all!

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  1. I used to think that O’Neill was a fair critic of the game, but today he has sunk to the level of the thickest Holtender. I am sorry for that because, after the other O’, he appeared to be a man who thought before he spoke. He even said that AV deserved to win. After Brad Friedel won the MOTM award, I don’t think I need to say anymore.

  2. Shocking decision for the penalty…….handed the win to Villa who deserved to be on the losing team. Not happy either…seriously pissed off

  3. I’m not sure where you’re getting your figures from, but you might want to look at this for goal attempts;

    As someone who hates your club with the utmost passion, I have to say you were worth at least a point.
    As for Friedel getting MOM, it could have been Hart, who played a blinder too.

    The pen?
    I had to watch the replay twice to see that your mug actually touched the ball, so I can see why it was given.
    By the same token, we’ve had much worse against us not given.
    So it’s swings and roundabouts I guess.

  4. lucky lucky vile we were robbed again (ngog vs liverpool) by a shortsighted dimwitted ref and abonglohor playing for a pen

  5. Yeh you were robbed all right….
    ASTON VILLA 1 Blue scum 0

    6 wins in a row… man thats gotta hurt when you know that birmingham are the 2nd best team in the midlands

  6. Aylesbury blue?

    Of all the teams to support you chose birmingham when you live in aylesbury..
    dear me, thats gotta hurt even more…

    was nice to see gardner and ridgewell play like they did when at villa..
    crap… over 5 million for the pair of them. you got ripped off lads….

  7. I got my stats from the BBC and Hulstonnnn I used to live in Birmingham and chose to support the team that bears the city’s name and doesn’t suffer from illusions of being a “Big Club”

  8. fair enough for supporting your local team but seriously, that was a poor poor comeback

    ‘illusions of being a big club’

    aston villa are the 4th most successful team in english football
    I dont need to say much more than that do I?
    I suppose I need to explain that we are currently challenging for champions league football, unlikely it might well be, but last season when we were also challenging for 4th spot, werent birmingham finishing 2nd in the CHAMPIONSHIP…

  9. “Hulstonnnn I used to live in Birmingham and chose to support the team that bears the city’s name”

    After Villa and small heath alliance agreed to not use the Birmingham name?
    You renaged on that one mate.

    Of course, that gets overlooked by your mob.

    No gloating today from me, because you played well.
    I’m quite happy just to say that the best team won 🙂

  10. Fair play to you boys, you gave us a run for our money.

    That may or may not have been a penalty (if it were Dunne who had made it on any non-Villa player I’d probably be applauding a fine challenge – the hypocrisy of us football fans I suppose), but I’m glad it was given.

    Also Badger, nice to see a familiar blogger. Is this where you have been hiding when are own blogs are dominated by irrational negativity? I like it!!

  11. “Also Badger, nice to see a familiar blogger. Is this where you have been hiding when are own blogs are dominated by irrational negativity? I like it!!”

    I’ve been banned from the Villablog for being far too positive and questioning if the mug was really a Villa fan..

  12. u villa crap aint going to finish 4th if you started now unless the officials are wearing claret and blue

  13. Please keep it civil guys. I have had to do some editing removing some unwanted words.



    Site Owner.


    At the end of the day, we didn’t take our chances, Villa took one – so they deserved to win for that reason.

    Still disappointed though.

  14. “At the end of the day, we didn’t take our chances, Villa took one – so they deserved to win for that reason.

    Still disappointed though.”

    Name of the game mate.

    I’d be gutted, if I was you fwiw..

    Fenian Villian, look for “aston villa central” 😉

  15. Absolutely it is Badger. I was reminding the guys on the forum of a game at St Andrews when Jimmy Montgomery saved everything that Villa threw at us and we nicked it 1-0.

    The game is over – Burnley next!

    (Did you get my e-mail?)

  16. We got what we deserved. Eck was obviously happy with a point (as would I have been before the game tbf) but should have brought Benitez on when we had them under the cosh. He bottled it when we should have gone for it.

    Villa looked bereft of ideas and MON’s tactical response was to change things by…..bringing on Heskey for Carew…….Genius.

    An opportunity missed.

  17. There are tackles that win the ball ,& tackles that not only do you get a touch on the ball but completely take the other player out as well- thereby denying him going further/ possible goalscoring opportunity.
    Why you would risk piling in like that in the penalty area? You only have to blow on a player and he goes down like a ton of bricks.
    Blues unlucky, but the big teams always seem to get the breaks.

  18. Good season Birmingham. Roll on next yr and plenty of derbies. happy to have the Brum in the Premier Lge. I said before that the atmosphere is second to none in this derby. Even the Manure, both of them, can’t find the passion that both clubs supporters mustre on game days. Most of the fans of clubs like Utd, chelsea, city, the arses and spurs are glory hunters. I can still remember the 92/93 season, 1st premier Lge season, and oh lord how many Manure fans began wearing the shit, sorry shirt. They came outa the woodwork after their 1st title for 26 yrs. Prawn sandwich crew as Keano called them. He was spot on there. We, and by we i mean villa and Birmingham have proper supporters. Ok, every club has a few fair weather fans but on the whole both clubs fans are a credit to the Prem Lge. i’ll take some stick for coming on the enemy’s site and talking well of your club but i don’t really give a steaming pile!!! GOOD luck next season and long may both our clubs battle it out in the top flight. The midlands deserve to have great clubs like ours in the Prem Lge. If McLeish gets the funds then who knows how far it will take you. You have the guts of a cracking squad here. You also got Craig Gardner too cheap. He will become one of the best midfielders in the Lge within 3 yrs. Good luck to him………………. I thankyou,

  19. RE: ladz and the blues,

    YOU picked that one out perfect. I had a feelin’ that the decision against you was going to come back and bite us on the barnacles.
    good call….villa til i die…..

    i might die sooner than i think if i carry on posting on here.. good season for ur lot. better to come, me thinks. you have a top manager and with a few proper additions you could be playing European footy next yr.

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