How far can we go?

We are now in the quarter finals of the cup for the first time since 2006 (Let’s not dwell on what happened then) so is this our year.  Obviously a lot will depend on this afternoon’s draw but how confident are you that we can go all the way?  Vote in the poll on the right.

In our last poll the majority suggested we should wait to the summer rather than pay inflated transfer fees which is exactly what the manager did.  I wonder if he reads this.

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11 Comments on How far can we go?

  1. A lot will depend on the draw. We can definitely go as far as the quarter finals though!

    It would be awesome to finally win this trophy. I dare not believe that would could.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, this could be our year. My memory of Fulham at Hillsborough still haunts me and the replay at Maine Road. I’ve never, ever been so upset by a result but hope springs eternal, I just want a home draw (and not chelsea!)

    It’s a season to remember whatever happens (sounds like a typical blues comment) but fingers crossed and my money is on Blues to win the FA cup and England the world cup!

    Dream on , you may say!

  3. wake up you dreamers.
    last time we got this far we lost 7 -0 AT HOME.
    reality check we have got to semi 3 times in 42 years iv’e been going and twice lost when probably favourites.
    as yesterday shows there’s many a slippery skin in every game and so far we have had the luck , but in the next game this luck may evapourate.
    also our actual play lately is poor and unless it improves we will struggle vs any prem team nevermind the struggles vs fizzy teams as forest and rams proves.
    we haven’t beaten any of the top four left in comp, so it’s still a mountain to climb.
    i’d love us to get to final but one game at a time

  4. You need luck to win the cup and as Chris says we have had some in our run so far but that may just be the telling factor this time. I too remember the heartbreak of those semi finals. I vividly remember losing 2 – 0 to the Baggies at Villa Park in 1968 when we had battered them all afternoon and the woodwork is probably still rattling to this day we hit it so many times that afternoon but the replay at Maine Road was the worst to bear. Who ever we get please let it be at home that’s all!

  5. yeah weve had luck getting this far and so long as we avoid chelsea and maybe man city if they get through get a home draw (not much to hope for ) then maybe just maybe ……………………………………………. our names on that trophy

  6. If we were not to have a home tie then Pompey away is as good as it could be. I do think that Pompey are a far better footballing side than their position in the league suggests, but remember, in 1956 every tie was away also. It’s not impossible to at least get a draw at Fratton Park. KRO

  7. Away again. If only we had bought a striker in the jan window. not a 10k one just some young guy with potential to help out. We have strikers who cannot score a goal. Jerome still cannot trap the ball and hardly scores and Benitez passes well but can’t score. Not too bad. The defence showed the way up at Derby. Aren’t there any reserve strikers we could use.

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