Picture the scene. Two managers stand nose to nose on the touchline having a disagreement about a decision the ref has given. Things get personal, the voices raised, the TV cameras zoom in to capture the facial expressions – eventually the referee comes across and sends them both to the stands.

Over the coming weeks they are charged for bringing the game into disrepute as the pictures of their argument is played on sports channels and certain internet video sites!

They will probably get fined, maybe even banned from the dugout for a number of matches. Why? Well it’s obvious, they have bought the game into disrepute.

So why is it, that two certain Directors of a London side, are allowed to accuse our new owners of things and get away with it? They are also publicising players deals of a club they have nothing to do with any more, surely that in itself is against some rule or law?

Some of the things that have been said by them have been completely out of order, and the FA should investigate them. Yes I believe a disrepute charge should be considered.

I am getting fed up of David Gold and David Sullivan whining and moaning about how our new board treated them. Well you sold the club to them! Both of you had voiced your desire to leave, OK David Gold retracted that statement and offered his help to the new board. However the new board clearly decided a complete break from the old board would be the best, and you couldn’t blame them for that.

I have a number of times said that I have appreciated what the previous board did at the club, but you are even beginning to lose those fans who could see the positive contributions you bought to the club.

Why don’t you just leave the Blues alone and concentrate on your new club? I feel sorry for the West Ham fans, because at the moment DS and DG seem to be talking more about our club than theirs.

I would like to add that I think our new board have handled themselves very well in all of this, and have tried to keep their heads down. Mr Pannu’s announcement of possible legal action against Mr Gold I believe is the action of a man who is exasperated with a situation that he thought would just settle down. In one way I hope it doesn’t come to it – because the all that will happen is the Lawyers will gain a fortune and the arguments will get worse.

SO, will either DG and DS be quiet about us and get on with their new job, or will the FA investigate a disrepute charge? No I don’t think they will either – either of those.

Does the “Respect Campaign” apply to the money men in the board rooms too? Apparently not.

I expect there will be more blogs on the subject.

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  1. I agree Kev. Your comment about losing the fans who have continually voiced their appreciation for what the old board did includes me among their number. This is a terrible shame that bitter thoughts and comments have to be aired in public. DS and DG should just get on with the task of sorting West Ham out and a huge job it remains and leave BCFC in the past. I found a few years ago when I left a job I had been doing for 16 years that it was best not to look back over my shoulder on the last day and I never did. Then you can remember the happy times and let the less memorable fade.


  2. I never had time for Sullivan, but had huge respect for David Gold. I am sad to see that he now needs to rake up the past, especially as they received above top $ for their shareholding.

    David, remember the good times at Blues, we certainly appreciated the shift you put in, but time to move on and see if you can save the mess that West Ham are in financially. Just tell your mate Sully to button it, and save the Hammers fans from “those” embarrassing moments.

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