Barry Fry Event Update

A few days ago we promoted the Barry Fry event.

It appears I was given an incorrect e-mail address for contact, I have now corrected this. So if you do wish to go, you can now e-mail Keith.

Maybe mention that you saw it here on Joys and Sorrows.



Original article with corrected e-mail address here.

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13 Comments on Barry Fry Event Update

  1. Why on earth would anyone be interested in Barry Fry? we was a laughing stock when he was here, he is nothing to the club, all we (Birmingham) ever seem to do is cling on to our past, and mention boring crap uneventful things and people like Fry… no-one is remotley interested in him!, no-one !

  2. You are obviously entitled to your opinion my friend, but a lot of people who I speak to would disagree with that.

    Why did you put Birmingham in brackets when you say “we” I’d have thought that we (the blog readers) would have understood that.

  3. Bluenose,

    Maybe its because Barry Fry was once a Blues Manager – and for quite a lengthy time.

    Maybe its because we had success (or at least relative success for that time) under his management. He bought tons of players, played attacking footy – we had the tallest and the smallest players in the football league (Dominguez and Francis), he urinated in the corners of St Andrews to lift the gypsy curse and had more heart attacks than most.

    Maybe its because in a world of polished media-friendly speeches and interviews, Barry Fry is pretty unique with his straight-talking style.

    I work with a ex-Derby player who played under Barry Fry at Barnet – and some of the stories that he comes out with hilarious.

    The guy has left Blues, yes, but that does’t mean he’s not liked.

  4. Bluenose – quite simply, you’re wrong! I think you would find an evening with Barry Fry to be very entertaining. There was never a dull moment when he was our manager.

  5. Barry Fry was legend at Blues and we haven’t many.”bluenose” doubtful! learn to celebrate people that associate them selves with our club. There are plenty we can criticize Barry is not one of them

  6. Bazza is a legend full stop! Remember when he sang KRO on sky sports live.. i think when beat vile? I think he genuinely love’s blues too!

  7. what a strange post from happy ‘Bluenose’, you’re on another planet… he must have been drinking a bit of what Bazza drinks

  8. I put ‘Birmingham’ in brackets just to show i was posting as a Blues fan and not some Villa joke in disguise trying to provoke a negative reaction, you are right tho, having re-read my post it is clear that by saying ‘we’ it shows that i did mean Birmingham.

    Barry Fry at Birmingham was a joke tho, it was around the same time that Jasper Carrot was at his biggest on the TV (i love JC by the way) and it just seemed that Birmingham City (who were not going anywhere at that time) were looked at and laughed at, we were a joke team with some joke players… i do however remember Barry Fry urinating in the corners to lift our Gypsies curse, not sure it will ever fully go away but its looking alot better now than it did with gobby Barry on the telly every 2 minutes…

    I see Barry Fry as a Posh, not as a Bluenose… i do agree tho that i think Barry Fry does still have some on Brum in his heart, and its a big heart, but he was a joke here, and its taken along time for us to shake it off.

    Lets buy Pavlyuchenko, lets get into the Europa, lets win the F.A. cup… if we do all that i’d probably buy Bazza one of the beers im drinking and we could both be on that same planet laughing and singing in unison, but until then…

  9. Thanks for your comment – I wasn’t having a go, it was meant to be tongue in cheek about the brackets. 😉

    I’ve met Barry a couple of times since he left, believe me he loves our club. I respect your point of view, and I have met others who would agree with you, but my experience is that most would disagree. Still football is about opinions, and everyone has a right to hold a different one.

    I hope you continue to read the blog.


  10. I understand when ‘bluenose’ says we were a bit of a joke lets face it we had a 1st team squad of about 208 forwards, but hey they were still the most exciting times i have had as a blues fan over the 20 odd years i have supported them and probably the most exciting football to watch even though it was in the lower divisions! Hail Barry Fry.

  11. Its all to easy to think of the downside of Barry Fry, shall we think back to the days where poor old Terry Cooper was in charge, the dismal match days we had to endure and Terry Cooper hurting as much as we were.

    Who in their right mind would want to follow Terry Cooper who was pleading to be released, enter circus master Barry Fry who raised our profile, made matchdays fun and give us plenty of laughs.

    Good old Bazza I look forward to buying him a beer in Redditch.


  12. Barry Fry wrote a disgusting article for the Daily Sport – found his level – not so long ago when Huerelo Gomes was struggling at Tottenham and his confidence was low.
    He called Gomes a joker who was a liability to Spurs, who would always struggle with him in goal, amongst a whole lot of other personal abuse.
    I detest anyone who kicks people when they are down.
    It also shows why Fry will always be regarded as a a second-rate manager, chairman and man, given the truly outstanding season both Gomes and Spurs are currently enjoying.

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