Manchester Utd Blogger talks to Joys and Sorrows

Scott of The Republik of Mancunia has answered some questions prior to our game this weekend.


1. How do you think we are doing this season? Why?

I think Birmingham are getting along very nicely this season. Your defensive record at home is better than ours and you’ve picked up some great results – namely against Chelsea, Liverpool and City. I think the reason why you’re doing so well is obvious – your manager learnt from the best!

2. Who would you see as the player(s) to watch for on Saturday?

Lee Bowyer is a nasty little so and so, but he seems to be having a fairly decent season for you. I’ve heard Jerome and Larsson’s names banded about a bit as well.

3. Realistically what do you think we should aim for, and where will we finish?

Who knows this season? Everything seems to have been turned on its head as far as results go. Liverpool were predicted to win the league by every broadsheet going and look at them in 7th! So who knows? Aim high.

4. Have you been to St Andrews before, what was your experience – or others experience if you haven’t.

This weekend will be the first time for me. To be honest, I’ve heard it’s a shit hole, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve been there myself!

5. Is there a priority of the Champions League over the Premier League as some suggest?

Who suggests that? I think the Premier League is always priority for a club like United. You have to wear the crown of your own country before you can go off trying to conquer elsewhere. I would always prefer to win the league. Michael Carrick reiterated that point just this week.

6. It must have been annoying to be beat by Leeds, however is dropping out of the FA Cup as big an issue to you as it may have been a few years ago? What went wrong?

It’s not even really about the competition, as we can’t expect to compete for four trophies every season, but it’s about the opposition and the performance. If we’d played really well and lost because of a dodgy decision, then you can take that on the chin. But I hate Leeds, they’re in the Third bloody Division, we were at home, and they quite simply were the better team. I don’t know what went wrong but hopefully we’ll come back with a vengeance at the weekend!

7. Sir Alex has achieved amazing things, but he must be in the twilight of his time as manager – who do you see as future Utd manager(s) and why?

I’ve long tipped Laurent Blanc for the future manager, and every passing season he seems to add more weight to his cause. He’s played down reports linking him to us this week, as any manager under contract would be expected to… unlike Jose Mourinho, who can’t stop talking about the job at United! I think that would be a disaster though – he doesn’t know how to play attacking football and he’s never brought through youth (two things United have built their club upon) and he’s dreadful in the transfer market (something we simply can’t afford these days!).

8. Prediction?

2-0 United.

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4 Comments on Manchester Utd Blogger talks to Joys and Sorrows

  1. “To be honest, I’ve heard it’s a shit hole”

    No it’s lovely honest. Just don’t expect to get prawn sandwiches from the catering outlets. Or any food really.

  2. Gonna be tough game this, be surprised if we get anything out of this one. United will be out of the blocks, following that Leeds debacle.

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