7th at Christmas. Where will we end up?

Our new poll is a simple one.  Where will Blues finish?  We all agree that our current league position is far ahead of our expectations at the beginning of the season but can we keep it going or will we “Do a Hull”?  I would expect us to drop down the table a bit but see no reason why with the right signings in January we can’t finish around 10th.  That would equal are highest ever Premiership finish and be an amazing achievement.

In our last poll 70% wanted us to spend our money on a striker with 20% hoping for a left back.  Let’s hope we can get both in January.

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13 Comments on 7th at Christmas. Where will we end up?

  1. Why shoudn’t we finish where we are. the lot below us are not better than us.I think we will ultimately finish in 8th. As long as injuries and suspensions don’t effect us too much. If we can get that goalscorer in then why not.

  2. We really do need to keep our feet on the ground. I have looked through the remaining fixtures and there are a lot of hard games to come: Man City, West Ham Chelsea, Villa, etc away, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Man Utd at home. I don’t wish to sound pessimistic, but I do foresee quite a few points, dare I say, lost, in the coming new year. I really do believe that we will finish the season in a better state than that of Hull’s escapades of last year, but I don’t expect us to maintain the dizzy heights that we have reached at present. Save that for next season. Maybe 14th or so. What we must not forget is that our sole aim is to avoid relegation. Anything above that will still be a bonus.


  3. Well, I say whatever and wherever, As long as we finish above 17th thats all i care about for this season,Oh and to beat the scum of course.

    But on the other hand it feels really nice to have our heads in the clouds, While im forced to pull myself down back to earth every now and then, The dream, The dare i say it The European Dream “there I said it” Why not Dream, I say Dream away bluenoses it feels good weve nearly got are hands on the european door handle, And who knows “never say never”, It might happen.

    Happy in my dream, Jona

  4. I agree with those that think that there’s a good few tricky games comming up in the second part of the season which will bring us back down a few places. I’m both suprised and delighted at what we have achieved so far but I also have realistic expectations – 11th to 14th and no battle for avoiding the drop will be fine for me. The following season we can push on from there

  5. Lets all agree that so far we have exceeded our expectations. Alex and the lads have done us proud. We have been lucky so far regarding injuries to key players. We have money to spend in January and I for one have every faith in Alex to make the correct decisions and sign at least 3 players that will enhance the squad. So I reckon on 10th place finish and I’d take that now. Its very important, especially for this season, that we fill the ground, so come on blue noses, lets give the board our backing, so they have confidence to carry on with team rebuilding.

  6. And I forgot to say, Enjoy the here and now and let tomorrow worry about itself, Rather be enjoying Xmas where we are in the table now, Then gloomy about being in or around The big R-zone.


  7. Success breeds success. We have a great bunch of pros at the club who are more than capable of getting results in the 2nd half of the season. No fixtures are easy and some are harder than others BUT the positive run we are currently on will be a great base – and IF we can draw or even beat the mighty Chelsea this week then a top ten finish is well within our grasp – especially with the addition of Michel and a quality striker (no offence meant to our current guys, but we do need a few more goals!!!). Their is a saying down here in New Zealand “ALL GOOD!!”.

  8. I think most people are about right here. We’ll inevitably drop a few points between now and the end of the season, but have enough quality to end the season mid-table. I’m so pleased for McLeish. We stuck by him while he was finding his feet and now its paying dividends. He commands respect and gets the best out of players and he will not tolerate a lack of effort. I think given his management skills, the confidence we are playing with, the professionalism of our current crop, and hopefully the players we bring in, there is no reason why we can’t have a decent, stress-free season and finish around 10th-12th.
    The bigger issue for me though is next season. How many teams suffer from triiky second season syndrome. Dont get the results we almost come to expect at the beginning of the season, heads drop, fans turn away, media turns on the manager, the board arent satisfied etc etc… before you know it your in a dog fight.
    I know we have money and should bring in quality in Jan and the summer, but thats no guarentee.
    I’m not suggesting we won’t do well next term, but I think everyone needs to keep perspective, remain realisitc and recognise establishing yourself in the prem is a marathon not a sprint, even if the money is there.
    Keep the faith though and keep behind the boys come what may, fellow and hopefully we’ll reach the promised land

  9. Personally I reckon we will finish in top ten and I also reckon we will have 40 points by end Feb! It’s a great time to be a BlueNose at last!

  10. yes there are a few tricky matches coming up but don’t forget our rivals have to play them to so i think we can finish anywhere between 12th to 8th that would be great in our 1st season back

  11. Alan from Dublin here firstly happy xmass to all blue noses.Secondly yes its makeing me even more proud to be a brummie but lets not get too carried away survivall first and everything after that well who knows.Be over for UTD match see you all then in the Bull or theTavern .

  12. 14th would be good, great team spirit at the moment . one thing if beating the villa is our main aim we will never be a great club. we have to be better than that that. all the best in 2010 and maybe a good cup run.

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