I Was Totally Confident

err, well maybe just a LITTLE unsure. 😉

What a day yesterday. I was up in Birmingham for the celebrations. I gathered with members of my family to enjoy the afternoon together. We had arranged a meal and a few drinks and we were determined to have a good time. But that’s enough of my Mom’s 70th – what about the game!

Well it is all interlinked. Mom had arranged her birthday bash at the golf club at Barston. The table was booked for 13.00. Well thanks Mom!!

Anyway when we arrived, I noticed they had a big screen and heard another bloke ask if they were going to show the Birmingham City game – the barman said yes. As a result I tried to position my chair in a way that didn’t look too obvious and also noted that the loo was sufficiently hidden for my to make a “round trip.” Sorted.

The starter arrived, pate on toast – lovely, glance across, good we seem to be in Readings half a lot, good stuff. Then I thought I better have a contingency just in case I got rumbled, so texted Aylesburyblue to keep me informed.

A chat with the family, join in the conversation – (actually I really enjoyed my time with them). Anyway time to glance across again – hang on, that looks like, NO – CAN’T BE, oh stuff it…. this was the point that all covert following of the game was blown out of the water. I legged it across the restaurant and into the bar, and YEEEEAAAAHHHH 1-0!! Fahey. The bar was pretty full too!!!

Went back, reported to my son the good news, and as I said everyone knew I was watching now. My sister and Mom follow the Blues, my brother in law follows the other lot and the rest of my family sort of follow Wolves. Anyway most of them seemed quite pleased.

From here, basically I scoffed my carvery – which was FANTASTIC, really recommend the place. (*Sponsored by the J&S integrated Football and Food reports!) I then got into the bar with about 25 minutes to go and watched the rest.

The whole place went mad when Super Kev scored, and straight back into nail biting just a minute later – Blues eh???!!!

By the time the final whistle blew, a lot of my family had joined me and my son including my wife who hates football. All of us let out a YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS when the whistle blew!


A celebration Speckled Hen to finish, Mom pleased with the birthday prezzie the Blues had laid on – everyone has a lovely afternoon!!

Oh and btw, to the lad I chatted to in the bar – yes I REALLY am the owner of J&S. 😉

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