Post Preston Match Musings

There are sometimes I just hate football. There we were, under half of the game to go – promoted to the Premier league, and then… well you know. 🙁

The thing is, since saturday – I have had a variety of friends, (meaning well),  (well most!), telling me it’s ok – we’ll go up etc. (I wish I could be as confident). I genuinely believe we’ve blown it.

I feel like I’m in a freak show. People pointing at me and whispering at each other – “oh bless him, he’s a Blues fan, must be used to disappointment.” Being sympathetic, pretending they really care or understand. Very odd.

I was really gutted, but now I’m ok, as I live in Devon, after last night’s result – at least I have a visit to Plymouth to look forward to next season.



What do you mean there’s another game?


Oh good grief – here we go again.


Coooooome oooooooon yooouuuu Blooooooooooze!

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2 Comments on Post Preston Match Musings

  1. Well I’m pleased to see Howard Webb is refing the game.

    He owes us one after his arse got in the way against Wolves in the FA Cup !!

  2. here we go again ………….. cant we do things easy for a change always go to find a hard way typical blues. now they really do owe us a result perhaps playing away will be better less preasure … lets see how reading handle it in froont of their own fans. only thing is we are on tv never play well in front of them. i worry that if we get in the payoffs it will be an anti climax and well blow it

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