Joys of a European Adventure

November 2, 2011 4

Here is another article By Lauren Round, this time focusing on Thursday!  27 February 2011, thousands of Bluenoses are jumping for joy after watching the Blues do the unthinkable; winning the League Cup at Wembley. At first every Bluenose was lost in happiness and shock that the Blues had actually won Read More


Mental Maths Mayhem at Midway Mark! A Europa Probability Test

November 1, 2011 9

I have been scratching my head since our amazing win away in Bruges, and in advance of this Thursday’s fixture, to try to predict how likely it is we’ll qualify for the Knockout Stage of the competition.  See if you can follow my various possibilities.  If someone can show me Read More


Turnaround For The Blues

October 31, 2011 4

We get approached from time to time by people who have written articles. We like to encourage people to have a go, so will try and publish them whenever we can. If you would like to write something for us, contact us here. Lauren Round approached us with her thoughts Read More

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