The Club in Trouble With the EFL – AGAIN!

St Andrews Outside
St Andrews Outside

I thought I might do a summary of some of the articles posted and then add my comments too.

On the 6th January, BCFC confirmed that the EFL had informed them that there had been a breach of EFL Regulations in relation to a business plan imposed upon the club in the 2018/19 season. There had been a few rumblings on social media, but this was the confirmation. The club didn’t add any more though, which I understand. However it left fans not knowing what was wrong.

The Blues Trust posted a statement on their website accusing the club of misleading the supporters, and confirming that the ground had been sold as part of “balancing the books.” Something that again the fans were unaware of. The trust also quoted Daniel Ivery, a friend of J&S, reminding us that Daniel had asked some key questions at the fans forum in November. The club responded by saying that they acknowledged the EFL regulations and were working to meet them while trying to be ambitious too.

Daniel posted a couple of useful blogs on his site. Firstly this one which was an open letter to Mr Zhao, the Birmingham Sports Holdings Chairman – highlighting issues on the pitch. (Although technically not the subject of this blog, it is part of the “crap storm” that we’re going through at the moment.

He then did a blog relating to our accounts. Daniel has done some fantastic work over the years in China and Hong Kong, so this blog gives a good insight into the challenges facing the owners. Of course the sale of the ground is also linked to the issue.

Going back to the Blues Trust, they explained here that they investigated ownership of St Andrews through the Land Registry. Unfortunately because it can take a couple of months to register, at the moment ownership appears to still be with the club. St Andrews IS a registered community which gives it some protection – however the lack of information is the key to the problem here.

We have always tried to be fair and respectful here at J&S, giving credit where it’s due and recognising that running a football club can be difficult and it’s impossible to please everyone. However, I have previously talked about the fact there needs to be a respect from the owners and the fans. The fans are the ONLY constant in a football club.

While of course business decisions shouldn’t be shared openly, football clubs are different to almost any other businesses such as Casinos. Actually you can find daily free spins no deposit 2020 by visiting Casino Bonus UK, or New Casino Online. No football clubs are different, because of the emotional attachment that fans have. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be understood and while the club are prepared to meet with fan representatives at the forums, and of course that is welcomed and encouraged – unfortunately if the quote referred to within the Blues Trust post, there is still a disconnect between what is being said and what is actually happening.

Where appear to be going downhill fast on the pitch, but off the pitch things aren’t good either. If the non-form we are in continues, that’s bad enough – but if we’re facing a points deduction we may as well prepare for Division one.

I accept there there may be legal reasons why the club can’t comment at the moment, however the general principle of being more open and honest needs to be adhered to if they want to win over the fans again. At the moment – a vast number are NOT supportive of the owners. That just results in resentment and bad feeling and doesn’t help the players.

I really hope that the board use this situation to recognise that a change is needed in the way communication happens.

We all wait to see what happens next with the EFL. If the last debacle is anything to go by, we have 3 years before they will make a decision anyway!

What are your thoughts about 1. The owners, 2. The financial issues.


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9 Comments on The Club in Trouble With the EFL – AGAIN!

  1. To the Chinese owners this is just another business in their portfolio, if it fails it will be after they have squeezed every last drop out of the investment and walk away……. for them, on to the next one. They don’t do emotional ties or, being truthful and honourable

  2. I think the board should have a few free spins on the casino sites you suggested. Might be the only way of balancing the books.

  3. I actually have some sympathy with the owners and put a lot of blame on the EFL.
    The owners appear to have, or have access to funds but the EFL insist rightly or wrongly insist the losses must be limited and so the days have gone when obscene fortunes can be spent to avoid clubs going bust in case the owners should ever pull out.
    To me this is the issue, the EFL can force a business plan on a club and order them to sell a player for £8m and when the club refuses and sells for £16m six months later how can the club be faulted for rejecting a bad business plan and be in default? When the EFL impose a transfer ban on clubs whose major income is accrued by buying and selling players or developing young talent and trying to make a profit, reducing their income? When TV rights are the biggest source of income in modern day football, the EFL in their proven business minded wisdom sell them off so cheaply it hamstrings its own members, surely the competence of the EFL should be questioned?
    If the EFL were owners of a club, then by their own rules they would be badly run non league club!
    The track record of the EFL and it’s poor business decisions at all levels are a far greater threat to the health of a club than the risk of owners pulling out ever was.
    Quite simply the EFL has to change!

  4. It is clear that the owners, for all their willingness to put what money they can afford into the club, know very little about English football and English football culture.
    Getting rid of the experienced people in the back office who were knowledgeable about the ins and outs of football and putting control in the hands of an outsider with no experience of what can and can’t be done off the pitch has resulted in the various problems we have had with the league, and his continual mess ups with appointments and dismissals of managers has been equally catastrophic.
    As we are continually told the Chinese hate to lose face and as a consequence I cannot see the owners getting rid of Ren and appointing someone who knows what they are doing, but surely at some time, hopefully sooner than later, they will realise that you don’t maintain face by being the laughing stock of the Football League.

  5. They have said that there will be no points dedication and they don’t expect one. The EFL can not order any club to sell players on the cheap or otherwise. The club was told by the EFL that we must bring the club back in the the black but that could not be dune in one season and not through sales of players. The money being offerd for the players in question was way below the market value so was not in the clubs best interest so sell them. Since then the players in question have been sold above the market value. So can the EFL punish the club for holding out for more money I don’t think they can.

    The sale of the ground is hard to judge has there is not enough information on it at the moment.

    So we will have to what and see what info comes out on that. KRO

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