Blues v Wigan Preview – Our Final Home Game 2018/19

St Andrews Inside

Do we need point, or a win? Do we need to depend on other team’s results? Are we going to stay in the division? Are all questions that we don’t have to ask this year! AND there are 2 games left!

Ok we are 9 points lighter of our actually gained total on the pitch, but even with them nicked off us – we have 50 points and confirmed safety. Go on admit it, it is a bit odd isn’t it? Although we don’t enjoy it, there is a sort of excitement with working out the permutations of survival, of how we’re going to get the result and that knotted sensation in the stomach waiting for the whistle to blow. (That usually starts 10 mins in though!)

However no need to worry about all of that, Saturday can be enjoyed. The same for Wigan, they confirmed their safety too over the Easter weekend. Actually the result of Saturday, affects absolutely no one else in the league – so this is a proper mid-table nothing depends on it match.

That said, we should be looking for 3 points and also possibly an opportunity for a couple of the reserves to play. If you want to put a punt on the game, these UK bookmakers promo codes can help.

Wigan come to St Andrews having only won 2 matches away from home all season and are bottom of the league in away performances. (Just for interest Blues are 8th which is a great performance with one away game to come). Our home record is better than it has been in recent seasons. We’ve won 7, drew 10 and only lost 5. A number of those draws are “winning” draws where we have come back from a goal down to rescue a point. However it gives a foundation for Monk to build on, and if we can maintain our away performances just may be we can challenge next season.

Back to Saturday. Both teams enter the game on a bit of form. After Blues’ terrible March where we lost all 5 games, April sees us unbeaten with 2 wins and 3 draws. Wigan’s record is similar with 2 wins 2 draws and a defeat, but they are 3 games unbeaten to date.

We need to pay tribute to a number of players. Firstly Juke. He hasn’t scored as many as he would have liked I’m sure, but he is number one in the Championship player stats according to Whoscored.

His presence up front has been brilliant this year, and it has enabled Che to be the first Blues player to score over 20 goals in a season since the old King died – (roughly!).

Statistically our best defender has been Pederson.

I have heard some moans about him, but I’ve always been impressed with him. So well done to him.

Both Keif and Mags have a 75% accuracy in passing and have both played key parts in our creativity this season. I do want to also give a special mention to Colin who has been a rock in the back four.

Wigan have only scored 23 goals away from home, 1 per match ish. They have conceded virtually double that with 43. At home Blues have scored 30, which is on the low side – however only conceded 23 – 1 per match. So when you consider we have conceded 3 at home once and 2 five times,  (we drew most of those games too!), that conceded total is pretty decent over the rest of the games.

From those stats, Blues should win this game but of course both sides will be playing without any pressure so I guess any result could happen. However I’d like to think that with the knowledge of safety, a decent home crowd, the players will send Blues fans home happy with a win in our final match at St Andrews.

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