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With just four games to go it’s time to start voting for the 2012/2013 player of the season.  It will be an interesting vote this season with no obvious standout player and players in general being in and out of the side.  Our leading scorer is still Marlon King but he hasn’t kicked a ball since January.  Curtis Davies and Jack Butland have started the most games and been solid but we have conceded a lot of goals this season.  Would one of our emerging young players like Callum Reilly, Nathan Redmond or Mitch Hancox be a fair choice.  Our most consistent player in terms of total appearances has been Wade Elliot who has played a part in nearly all of our league and cup games this season.  He would probably get my vote but I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.

I’ve added a poll on the right which includes every player who has made ten or more appearances this season.  Please place your vote and tell us why in the comment box.

In our last poll 57% of you thought Blues would finish between 11th and 16th which is where they currently are.

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11 Comments on Joys and Sorrows Player of the Season

  1. Wade Elliot?!?! You’ve got to be joking right? He has been consistent alright, consistently poor!

  2. Do any of them deserve a player of the season award ? nobody has been consistant over the season.I concur with tilton blue about elliot,his passing and work rate at times has been very poor(he’s not the only one).Butland has been good ,bad and very indifferent at times.Zigic is a waste of space for what he contributed this season.Elliot cares more about his hair than not giving the ball away.The youngsters have been the highlight and they have struggled in some games as you would expect from youngsters.Davis has probably had the most consistant games but even he has struggled this season with form.I think the award should go to the fans for watching some really dire football this season.

  3. It’s a tough one this season, as nobody has been consistent enough to deserve such an accolade. Infact, the majority have been poor or blown hot and cold.

    I’d agree with the fans picking up the award. It might make a few of the players sit up and take note if we decide to award it to ourselves. A little bit of a protest, if you will, at having to endure some of their crap this year.

  4. I disagree about giving it to the fans. Poor attendances, bad atmosphere at the ground and constantly coming on message boards to moan are not things deserving of awards. If the club hadn’t insisted on it being a player I’d have voted for Lee Clark.

    I’ve added him as an option along with “Nobody”.

  5. I go with the “nobody” vote.
    if they have got to give it to someone then may as give it to young Packwood, didn’t play many games but looked good unlike everyone else

  6. Pity Nobody was only added as an afterthought. He has a lot of ground to make up on the ones who were there from the start. Still, as he has been our most consistant player all season, I think he may just squeeze it in the end.

  7. I’d agree with that, Taz – it’s a pity ‘Nobody’ wasn’t there from the start as he would likely be running away with the vote now! Often overlooked, extremely underrated and – as you say – an ever present and our most consistent player this season. 😉

  8. There have been as many votes since I added the option as before and only five were for “Nobody”. Curtis Davies is running away with it.

  9. I agree it may not have been one of our better seasons but the way everyone is talking you would think we had just been relegated rather than sat in 12th place! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would never vote ‘nobody’. I think that is disrespectful to the players who have had a decent season / given it their best. However, I tend to be a ‘half full’ type of guy rather than always looking for the negatives…

  10. My vote is for Curtis Davies, hopefully he will still be with us next season.

    After the win at C Palace I had a sneaking suspicion we could still make the playoffs with a good run, beat Wolves and Millwall and we will be on our way, of course that didn’t happen when it SHOULD have. If it had then add 3 points Wolves 2 extra points for beating Millwall and that could have happened. So add 5 points to our 57 point total after last nights win at Bristol and we would have had 62 points. The final play off position is currently held by Leicester with 64 points with 3 games to play. THIS WAS ACHIVEABLE after a desperate season, maybe a little more luck like Marlon King being available and one or two more points from home fixtures. Yet we are still talking about not being safe yet from relegation. What a funny old season this has been.

  11. Anyone that says Elliott has been poor has clearly been sitting with their eyes closed all season…
    He gives the ball away, yes, but only because he is consistently showing for it, making himself available for it. He gives 100% every game.

    He has played a RM, LM, CM and has chipped in with more goals than Zigic… who people tend to brown nose. People forget that Wade is 34, he isn’t 18 anymore, he has more legs than most in the squad.

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