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I would imagine most of you know this bloke! Paul has produced a book and I said I would plug it for 2 reasons. 1. He’s a Blues fan and a real character and 2. In support of the ladies team. (We’re hoping to do more on them soon!)

Anyway, the article tells you about the book and Paul has kindly given us a copy to give away so we’ve chucked in a competition too! Also tells us about his involvement with the ladies side.

Paul Collins aka Gabbie Cabbie, takes you on a journey through his book of poems about all things football and music. From Bobby Moore to George Best and Steve Winwood to Paul Weller. In Gabbie’s unique style he looks at the greats of football to his, and our loves of music icons. Sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic and occasionally sad, but also uplifting and inspiring like his Carling Cup battle cry.


This book is a must for all lovers of Blues, football and music.

£1.00 from each book sold will be donated to Birmingham City Ladies F.C. On sale for £3.00 at all Birmingham City Ladies’ home games, at all Birmingham City games through Made in Brum match day fanzine sellers and available through Paypal. Please log on to Paypal and then


Gabbie is back on the mic! Yes, that’s right the Gabbster will be on PA duty at Birmingham City Ladies home games.

Here are a couple of examples of his work:

“Birds can’t play football”
Birds can’t play football can they, but they can try to all the same,
For it’s a mans game innit and it was a bloke who invented the beautiful game.
After all you need strength, pace and passion and girls just weren’t born with gifts like that,
Can you imagine the dressing room, “can we wait in ‘ere till it stops raining”, “pass the blusher” or “I ain’t goin out there without a bloody hat.”
Well that’s a view  of many  blokes but I promise you it ain’t reality and it ain’t a view  of mine.
Ok they don’t posses the same physique of a man, well to be fair, some do but their skills are quite sublime.
I’ve watched many a female game now  and what I’ve seen has been pleasing to my eye,
Alright it’s a shame there’s no shirt waving goal celebrations and the crowds are small, but they show you a bit of thigh.
To be honest, their game is based around different qualities to ours and as a fan, you don’t have to sit in a seat.
Also girls are tidier than us blokes aren’t they, and that’s probably why their football’s rather neat.
You don’t have to re-mortgage your house to buy a season ticket and players will actually acknowledge you when leaving a dressing room door.
And it’s quite nice to fancy the opposition for a change, instead of hating them, I find that strange coz I’ve never fancied a footballer before.
Though on a serious note, it’s the country’s’ fastest growing sport and I love to watch them play,
You feel part of something instead of feeling like a customer, and F.I.F.A. reckon 40 million females play the game today.
So after being banned for 60 years and enduring such sexism, these modern girls are now rightly allowed to follow their dreams,
And if you still don’t believe me why don’t you click onto the ladies website and you’ll see just what I mean?!

I’m Karen Carney’s Boot
I’m Karen Carney’s boot and I was sent flying through the sky,
And it was a minor miracle that I missed some poor ole sod’s left eye.
I was full of such excitement as I’d bagged the winner, then she chucked me in the crowd.
Well that’s gratitude I thought, as I hurtled towards the fans that screamed her name out loud.
Word quickly got round the boot world that Kaza didn’t like me, though I didn’t believe the rumour myself,
And now I know it wasn’t personal as she changed a pair recently at half time and left the others on the shelf.
You see I got a bit paranoid, “why me” I thought, so when I found out I had a little laugh.
I’m told it was against the Villa, the first pair weren’t working so she changed them for the second half.
Well I’m feeling much better now the truth is out, cuz I loved Kaz and served her with such pride,
And I can once again go out in public as I no longer feel the need to hide.
You see Kaz ain’t no normal player, she’s England’s wing sensation and she’s also the Queen of Brum.
And hopefully she’ll be gracing that right touchline for many years to come.
She’s also talented off the pitch, she went to university, had dancing lessons and goes to pottery classes,
But to be fair she’s much better on it, and how I miss making those 40 yard passes.
So best of luck without me mate, and I hear you ladies at Birmingham City are now equal to their men,
And I look forward to the day that we come face to lace, and I can be with you again.


To win a copy of Gabbie’s book, you MUST send your answer through the contact page.

The question is:

“Which eye did Karen’s boot narrowly miss!”

I will draw the winner from the correct results, (ignoring anyone who works for the site – Russ!) 🙂

EDIT: You have until Monday18th July 18.00

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