I can never be bothered with watching the pre-match preamble by football pundits on SKY. They talk a load of old drivel and having our season dissected and analysed, the stating of the bloody obvious and the ante being upped to create so-called drama is great provided your team aren’t in the middle of it. I switched on at 15.59 as I had found better things to do out in the garden until then.

I’m not going to say much about this match as there is little point as all of you reading this will have seen it and if you didn’t where were you? Blues defended well to get to 0-0 at half time. Wolves were 3-0 down at home and Man Utd were 1-1 with Blackpool. Stoke hadn’t managed to do the decent thing and dispatch Wigan but it was all going well that is until Roman Pavlyuchenko scored a cracker just after half time. Football is a cruel game and this was demonstrated by a fleeting moment when Craig Gardner crashed in a wonderful drive to equalise to leave us about ten minutes from safety. Sadly Wigan scored and Wolves had partially repaired the damage to pull two goals back leaving us needing another goal. A flicked on header from a corner with Ben Foster up in the Spurs penalty area for it, passed agonisingly just behind Ridgewell and from the breakaway Pavlyuchenko drove the final nail into our coffin with another fabulous strike from 20 yards with seconds left. We kicked off, Mark Clarttenburg blew his whistle and we were down AGAIN!

I’m not sure I can face another season in the Championship. I don’t see us coming back so easily this time. Be prepared for a prolonged stay fellow noses; our squad will be plundered of anyone of any worth and we will have to rebuild. We have to avoid the danger of dropping straight through; that is how bad I view it as of this moment. Stabilisation would be a realistic expectation next season and as for the Europa League; my heart isn’t in it any more. It’s a pretty pointless exercise as a Championship club.

Now I’m going back out in the garden.

The Good: Three cracking goals and Curtis Davies’ performance. I have been his fiercest critic this season but I thought he was outstanding today.

The Bad: Getting relegated.

The Ugly: The abyss of depression that I have sunk into.

Tottenham: Cudicini 7, Kaboul 7, Dawson 7, King 8, Rose 8, Lennon 7, Huddlestone 6 (Kranjcar N/A) Sandro 7, Modric 8, Crouch 6 (Pavlyuchenko 39) 9, Defoe 6. Subs: Gomes, Jenas, Palacios, Corluka, Assou-Ekotto.

Bookings: None

Goals Pavlyuchenko 49, 90+3

Birmingham: Foster 7, Carr 7, Johnson 7, Davies 8, Ridgewell 6, Larsson (Derbyshire N/A) Gardner 7, Ferguson 6, Fahey 6, Beausejour 7, Jerome 7. Subs: Murphy Doyle, Valles, Mutch, Redmond, Asante.
Goal: Gardner 79

Bookings: Ridgewell, Fergusson, Gardner, Derbyshire

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (Tyne & Wear) 6

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  1. I’m as blue as they come , but let’s face it , at this moment we are exactly where we deserve to be . We are nowhere near being a Premiership outfit , not even close.

    Players that can hold their heads up high after this agonising drawn out debacle ?…

    Foster , Carr , Johnson , ( Dann ) + Gardner . Only three of which are Premier standard , sorry Craig.

  2. Last season , we got away with scoring little goals and defending well , this season we got caught stone cold . I thank AMc for what he has done , but believe he can take us no further . We will lose the key players and what we need to do is rebuild with youth , 30 yrs plus players are ok for experience but to get through a full season , No ! ” 2 shots on target yesterday , goal shy Jerome who just aint a striker , if Yeung does not spend the parachute payment and invest , we will do a Leeds or Middlesborough. If he has no cash then sell the club please ? I feel our attendances will suffer as the big teams wont be visiting next year , it is a very very sad day !!

  3. Yesterday was one of the most exciting end to season ever … Birmingham fan’s shouldn’t be too dishearten in my view because if board had spent bit of money getting couple of strikers your season would have been secured weeks ago my only concern is did the owners plan this … that hope they failed so club could go into administration sell the ground and rent it back

  4. Actually I myself am not depressed cos I’m not surprised. Once again we went in with a “hoping not to lose” attitude and we, well, lost (see previous comments from previous weeks). I feel that Ben Foster could and should have gotten to the first goal; seems like he mis-judged it as going wide and so he has to take that one on the chin. However without that I doubt we would have scored our goal, fine as it was, cos I don’t think we would have ever gotten out of our half. I agree that we looked comfortable for the first half but you kinda knew that we would not keep that level of effort up for the whole 90 minutes.

    The only team I feel sorry for is Blackpool who at least can say that they went out in a blaze of glory, not a whimper like us. How many teams manage to take the lead up at Old Trafford let alone score twice? OK they were outclassed in the end but they had a go at it and gave everything they had. Had Ian Holloway been OUR manager we would be staying up for sure and probably would be mid-table. Notwithstanding the injuries, even the commentators were saying that we had no desire, no sense of urgency; that’s been true all season. Hat’s off to Wolves too, they were 3-0 down at home and the situation looked hopeless but they did not capitulate, never gave up and look what happened. That’s the reason they stay up and we do not, attitude!! Wigan too, they took that chance they had and made it count.

    While I’m on my soap-box let me make an observation about a facet of human nature and that is: class. This does not concern Blues but two other teams at opposite ends of the premiership spectrum: Chelsea and West Ham. First of all let me say that Avram Grant has been treated appallingly badly by the owners of both teams he has managed. The kings of smut that used to own us (and now thankfully don’t) did not have the decency to wait till everybody got home before terminating Mr. Grant; how low-rent is that? Second, let’s talk about that miserable git who owns Chelsea, what can you say? I don’t care how rich he is, he’s a git. Carlo Ancelotti managed to pull Chelsea out of a funk and into second place and he gets canned immediately after the season ends; for finishing second this year and first last year, are you kidding me? I have a saying: “you will find out what a person is REALLY like when they either become very drunk or very rich”. You can have no money and lots of class or have all the money in the world and have no class. Guess which one these respective owners fall into?

  5. I don’t think theres any need for some of this pessimism i’m seeing. Ok i agree we deserved to go down and before the final match i knew it was highly likely that we would. however, I don’t see why people think we’re gonna have a prolonged championship run. maybe 2 seasons if we’re unlucky but i very much doubt any more than that. Just remember that mcleish got us relegated before- but over the course of the next season he rebuilt and remodelled the squad
    into something he could work with, got us promoted , and then gave us a damn good season in the premiership and we were all smiling. He got it a bit wrong this season i think and fatal it was indeed, but we did win a cup which is something no-one thought we could do, and i think injuries to key players (mainly Dann) destroyed Mcleishes gameplan after that. But i definetly think he can take us back up. Of course i realise we will lose the best players- Dann, Johnson, Larsson, Foster among others. but Mcleish plucked Johnson and Dann out of the championship in the first place anyway. He can find some new decent players im sure of it. The rest of our team that won’t get sold will still be ‘good’ standard of players for the championship, for example Gardner should really hit at least 15 goals from midfield. The only thing that really worries me is the financial situation of our club, which sounds dangerous. but hopefully, it won;t have too much of a negative impact on the team. As for Europe, of course we didnt want to go into it as a championship side, and i don’t think we will do well atall, but lets just enjoy it anyway as it will probably be a very long time til we ever get into it again.
    Keep the faith and Keep right on.

  6. Mcleish got us promoted the last time, because the board were in a strong enough position financially to back him. This time around, Carson Yeung as well all know is not financially strong enough to back him. The money that we get from the players that we will probably lose (Foster,Dann,Johnson,Ferguson) will go straight back into ensuring that the club as a whole can survive in the short term. Mcleish should have gone and the only reason I feel he is still in the job is because the board can’t afford to sack him. Realistically, I think getting promoted next season will be a very tough ask. The next two seasons should be used to build and prepare a new, fresher, younger squad that can gain promotion and stay in the premiership. The likes of Mutch, Redmond, Asante and Butland and any other promising talents in the academy need to be given the oppurtunity next season to establish themselves as first team players and more importantly, THE STYLE OF FOOTBALL HAS TO CHANGE! Unfortunately though, while we have Mcleish in charge, Carson Yeung as the owner and the fans demanding an immediate premiership return, none of this I feel will happen.

  7. I am a Villa fan and watched the Blues game and agree with the writer. That is an honest and balanced report. I always rated Davies at Villa but he fell out of favour with O’Neill due to a contract dispute. The guy has the potential to be absolute class. Unlike Ridgewell.

    There are rumours of possible financial meltdown at your club but I have no idea how true these are. There is no doubt that Carson Yeung is exceptionally wealthy but it must be very disappointing for Blues fans that he seems quite unprepared to throw the required money into the club.

    I think your immediate return depends on how many good players you can keep. By good players I mean Foster, Johnson, Dann, Gardner and Davies.

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