View From The South – That’s Another Fine Mess We’ve Got Ourselves Into!

A second dose of Bazza for the week!!


Well it’s down to the wire as our manager has long said would be the case. It is of course dispiriting that having had the prize in our own hands with only twenty or so minutes to go only to have it so cruelly snatched away by two of the best goals we are likely to see at St Andrews for some time to come.

Last evening I sat through the Norwich Reading game in the expectation that the Canaries would put up a rousing performance in front of their own fans purely on the grounds that it was a shit or bust moment for them given their parlous state in the bottom three. They play neat, slick football on their own beautifully manicured pitch and have the capability to trouble anyone. They had not lost in Norfolk to any of the top six all season so I was guardedly optimistic. Sadly they played all their football in front of Reading and never turned Duberry and Bikey who don’t look so clever when facing their own goal. Reading were given far too comfortable a night and when the inevitable chance for Reading came they took it and Norwich capitulated to an easy 2 – 0 defeat. They are probably going down I’m afraid which is a pity since I think they are better value than Barnsley but the Tykes have three more points and possession is nine tenths isn’t it? This brings me neatly on to our own situation:

1. We are in possession of an extra point over Sheffield United and three over Reading.

2. The default position has not changed.

The assumption has to be that Sheffield United are going to win at Crystal Palace. They may not of course but the basic assumption that they will has to be taken as granted. Therefore nothing has changed; Birmingham have to set up to win the game. There is nothing to lose; we have to win at Reading. They for their part have the same objective. They have to attack us and this could play into our hands. We have been better this season at picking teams off away from home than we have been at St Andrews when the onus has been on us to take the game to the opposition e.g. the demolition job we did on teams like Bristol and Doncaster and the mugging of Swansea. In the final analysis, it is Reading, not us who have it all to do; it could just be their undoing. There is always the scenario that Sheffield United won’t win at Palace and the games end up as two draws. Either way, Blues go up. Out of the three teams involved, Sheffield and Reading are dependent on our fate. Sure Reading can go up automatically if they beat us but they are nevertheless dependent on Sheffield also faltering. 

Let’s lock horns and may the best prevail. I still believe it to be us. Reading are not a great team. They didn’t need to be to beat an inferior Norwich last night and a simply dreadful Blues at St Andrews earlier in the season. I do not believe we will defend that badly again.


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5 Comments on View From The South – That’s Another Fine Mess We’ve Got Ourselves Into!

  1. Like most blues fans i was absolutely gutted on Saturday night, my initial reaction was, thats it weve blown it, however as the weeks gone on im beginning to belive again.
    After Readings win at Norwich i belive they will now come at us with all guns blazing, i think this could well play into our hands, from most of the performances ive seen this season we have been better when teams have had a go at us and we have hit them on the break as we did at Doncaster, i say pack the midfield and leave Cameron to do the business up front, their two at the back are not that quick and this is where we can get some joy. KEEP RIGHT ON!

  2. We could end up fourth if things go badly. Why do we always take the hard route.
    If the three teams draw that would be okay. If we do go up this team will be torn to shreds. The owners have just got to give McCleash at least twenty million. We need defenders midfielders and a goalscorer. Probably a goalkeeper as well. Be great to win the play offs as there would be more money in it for us. I think thats where we will be at the final whistle, Blackpool ,Coventry come to mind how can we have lost both matches to these teams.

  3. I have neve posted a comment before just want to thank the bloke who’s site it is for ‘joys and sorrows’ and his really funny (but sad as well) view before the Preston game.

    I went to Watford and was uplifted and then down again on Saturday. I would never boo my team or openly critisise but it’s fair to say that this season has been turgid and we don’t really deserve the chance we now have.

    Reading away is a chance to do a non blues and give us all an amazing summer but whatever happens I will be there at the play offs and then hopefully Wembley if it comes to it and then Stan’s again next season ,as this football club will always be a part of me.

  4. Hi Nick. Thank you for your kind comments. I own J&S but the article you refer to was written by Aylesburyblue. He is my right hand man here on the blog, and has a wicked sense of humour. 😉

  5. Last year we won and still got relegated this year if we win we go up if we win we go up if we win we go up if we win we go up…….scraaaatch KRO IF WE WIN WE GO UP

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