What’s the point?

An article today from a new contributor, akvbcfc. Here he looks at the Premier League.


It’s the same all over the land. Whoever you are, whoever you support, your aim is the same – to reach the ‘Promised Land’. But is it really worth it?
Fans demand that their club succeed, but is promotion to the Premier League really a success worth celebrating?

After a hard, grueling season, where promotion has been fought for and won, deservedly (Derby excluded), the club and its fans look forward to bright new beginnings in the Premier League, but less than a year later and views are likely to change.
The state of the Premier League is wholly unhealthy and any clubs promoted into it suffer.
Don’t believe me?
Its happened to Blues.

When we were first promoted to the Prem, it was fantastic. The club was riding on the crest of a wave, and the fans were right behind the team as they set out on a new adventure. But things slowly went downhill.
Prices went up, the real fan was isolated. Fans aspirations changed dramatically as they became unrealistic and this resulted in ill feeling towards the manager and team when things did not go right…and where did we end up? Back in the Championship, with a dark cloud that refuses to shift hanging over St Andrews.

And we are not alone. It happened to Charlton, and it happened to Leicester; no prizes for guessing what happened to them.

Fans expect the club to spend crazy amounts of money to stay up when this is unrealistic, and if such amounts are spent, the club can be driven to bankruptcy – see Wimbledon, and Leeds.
Therefore the clubs owners are prudent. They save their money, spend some but not enough in the views of the fans. This just generates ill feeling toward the board and without such large sums of money spent, the team suffer.

When the team suffer, there is usually no way back. It happened to Derby.
They were not ready for the Prem, and Chairman Adam Pearson thought it better to save money than spend and risk putting the club at risk. A mere 9 months later, and Derby were relegated as the worst team in Premier League history. Now, i’m no expert, but that doesn’t sound like the best way to spend 9 months to me.

Yes, for some clubs, the Premier League is fantastic just because of the large pot of gold waiting for you when you get there, but this is simply short sightedness as there are always costs that come with promotion – be it bonuses, bumper wages or extortionate agent fees.

For players, I do concede that it is different, as they have a chance to play against the best, but what about managers? Managers who have a great record at their club, can have it all ruined, and their job taken from them after one poor season in the top division of English football. Yes, i’m sure you would say that they lost the job because they were not good enough, but i’m not so sure. Aidy Boothroyd had his career devastated after one poor season with Watford, and he has not recovered since. Paul Ince has had his career brought to an abrupt halt which may still end his managerial career, and even today, Tony Adams has had his reputation shattered after a poor start to his career at Pompey.
And what about Big Phil? It was only today, but after his sacking by Chelsea, his reputation as a World Cup winning manager will nosedive and it is very doubtful that he will get another job as a manger in England.

Why is it that fans are so obsessed with wanting to be a Premier League club?
I personally believe that there is an ignorant minority who feel that by being a Premier League club, the club automatically becomes a ‘big’ club. For many, they want to be able to travel to the big grounds, and see world class players, and if this doesn’t happen, they cannot be bothered. Are these people real fans? Cause, I thought that you went to a ground to support your team…silly me.

Nine months of constant despair, disappointment and dismal performances…and that’s just in the Championship – think what would happen if Blues were promoted!

By akvbcfc

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3 Comments on What’s the point?

  1. Agree with you completely mate. We know who we are, we have no dillusions in that department and I don’t think we’d want it any other way. What bugs me is the constant criticism of the board, people tend to forget that they saved Blues from total and utter destruction when they took over the club, and have turned the club into one that seems to be on a sound financial footing. OK they don’t appear to put their hands in their pockets as much as we’d like, but I think the main reason for players not wanting to sign is their agents trying to get a better deal for them elsewhere. Ban agents and you’ve halved the problem. And who’d want to see a differnet manager every few months, not I, it’s not worth it. I don’t see the need to panic yet, we’re still in touch with the top and there’s still points to be won. When we’re hovering in 7th come the end of April, then’s the time to grumble. We’ll get back to the Premiership but like you say, will we really want to? Yes, if only to do one over the village team from up the road – and I suppose it doesn’t help that they’re on a roll at the minute. SOTV.

  2. Good Blog
    Problem is that if you accept your premise that there is no point then you will end up with no club or in the conference. If you transfer your philosophy to life in general you may as well jump of the rotunda! Life and football is about hope and purpose. If barack Obama gets to fart in the Oval office maybe one day Blues will employ a guy to polish the Trophies!

  3. I have always felt that the board have the best interest in the club and both current and past management have made BCFC a club that players want to play for. Can you think of many players who have bad mouthed the club after leaving and recently both Savage & DJ spoke of there regret in leaving. AJ & Clinton even when they score against us still respect the club.
    We have no god given right to playing in the premiership and in my 40 years of supporting blues we have nearly always been a top 2nd division or bottom 1st division team.
    My main concern now is why the current squad are unable to lift the crowd early doors . Is it fear that the crowd will get straight on there back or is it poor coaching leading to lack of confidence in the players.
    Again a common statement from the players after a game is they do not know why they are not getting it right on the pitch but “they hope” it will get better. Other teams raise there games to play us why cant our coaches get our team to raise there game.
    The will to fight does not seem to be an issue as our recent draws from lost positions prove.
    I reckon our downward spiral started when Mark Bowen left to join Hughes at Blackburn and the team became a bunch of individuals. It is not just with us look at what has happened at Chelsea when Clarke left to join Zola at West Ham.
    Does the blame lie with Aitken and the day to day coaching /lack of direction?

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